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nicebloke1 | 11:44 Wed 13th Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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Re bread pud.

No need to faff about with scales.

1xloaf of wholemeal bread. All bread is around 800g

350m of milk.

3 table sps of any butter.

2x table sps soft brown sugar.

1x egg.

1x table spoon of any honey.

3x handfulls of mixed fruit.

2 x handfulls walnuts, smash them to bits.:0)

Nut meg,mixed spice,cinnamon, Tea sp of each, more if you like it.

A few chopped dates also is a nice touch.

Break and chuck the bread in the container. Better without crust.

Hot milk up( not boil)chuck butter in milk to melt, chuck on bread to soak for a few mins, mash up like potatoes.

Chuck in fruit,

Chuck in walnuts

Add honey

Add egg

Add sugar

Add the spices

Dates if you want

All the above any old order dont make any difference.

Give everything a good old mix up with a big spoon, no need for a mixer unless you have weak wrists. :0)

Slop into a aprox 8 inch square tin 2 inch deep.

Bang in oven middle shelf 170/80c for 1hr. 15/ 20. Dont over cook, nothing will kill you, nice and soft and moist. Just to test shove a cocktail stick in the middle, withdraw if nothing stuck to cocktail stick its cooked fine.

Even if you are not keen on wholemeal bread, you won't know the difference when eating it.

Also a little lemon juice or orange shreaded peel can be added in the mix if you care to. In fact you can dump anything you fancy in a bread pudding.

Any question fine, I will look in now and again. Gas mark you will have to look up. Not sure?




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I just love your recipe, it made me laugh reading it 😁👍, I do a lot of bunging/chucking in.

Definitely my kind of cooking, I may just have a go at this, I've made bread and butter pudding frequently but never bread pud.

Question Author

Looks a lot of work when its written down but mixing this lovely slop up is 20min, just enough time for pre heating the oven. The honey also makes and keeps it nice and moist. I keep mine in air tight container when cooled on the top shelf of the fridge, it keep good for over a week. Why put in fridge? Remeber its bread, so stops it forming any mould. Ideal if you live on your own and don't eat much.

I might try this - I'm good at slopping and chucking in lol! 

Question Author

This is really only for anyone in my gang.🤣🤣🤣

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