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Coffee Pod Machine,Advice Please

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NoseyNose | 03:11 Sun 25th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Yes,it's me with another kitchen query.

A friend thinks that my making freshly ground(from beans) coffee is a big faff,(I use a Cafetière),and suggested I buy a Coffee Pod Machine.

Is the resulting drink as good as a Cafetière,and how does it compare with using freshly ground beans,and what is the price comparison Beans V Coffee Pods?

Has anyone got any advice or suggestions about this please.

You guys have always given me good kitchen advice,so I trust you on this one!LOL



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Thank You,

I have a friend who has a really big horse box.He is going to take all of it to auction for me,so taking the weight off of my shoulders,but Thank You anyway.

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That should have read


Thank You

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Coffee Pod Machine,Advice Please

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