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Electric Filter Coffee Machine

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NoseyNose | 01:35 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Yes,it's me again.

Although I like using a cafatiere for my coffee, it doesn't stay that hot for long(even with a cafatiere cosy).

Can anyone reccomend a make of electric filter coffee machine,as this would enable my coffee to stay hot for far longer.

Thank You,Coffee Addict Gordon.



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Hi Gordon, this one has a keep warm function.

I gave up on using a small cafetiere, precisely for the reason that you mention.  (i.e. the coffee doesn't stay hot for very long).  I find that using a nominal 8-cup one gives me two good mugs of coffee that are still hot enough for me to enjoy though:

However, to answer you question more directly, these links go to two review websites that I trust for their independence:

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Thank You so much Barsel,

That may indeed be just the machine I am looking for.I did look on Amazon,but there were too many,and I got quite confused!

Your suggestion is not expensive,AND it has a permanent filter,so you don't have to buy filter papers.

Of course the big plus point is the stay warm feature.

I may be brewing up with it after 15th March when I move.


It's a shame I don't live nearer to you and we could have some coffee mornings.🙂

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Thank You so much for your links.

One of the machines on them is just like Barsels reccomendations,so I may be buying that!

I raise a cup of coffee to you!

 I don't know, but do you have enough room on your countertop for a coffee machine, I would imagine that a sheltered accomodation flat has a fairly small kitchen

The size is in the description. Size H32, W22, D21cm.

maybe barsel, but it depends on what else is on the countertop

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Thank You for your thoughts.

However,my flat is in the new wing(2013), and the kitchen is a decent size,so I can have room for(probably) all the countertop appliances that I need.

NN, I judged it on my own kitchen which is a decent size but filled with appliances which are used frequently or too heavy to move like kettle /toaster/microvave etc 

Would pouring your coffee in to a thermos jug, flask or mug as soon as it is brewed solve your problem?

or pop it in the microwave for a few seconds after you've filled your cup

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Great minds think alike!

I DO have a vacuum coffee jug,or should I say HAD,as the pouring part is now defunct.That is what led me to seek an electric filter coffee machine.

So,I think I shall follow Barsel's suggestion ~ User Recommendationref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1

It's cheap and cheerful, and it has permanent (washable) filter.

Dying For Coffee~Gordon.

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Electric Filter Coffee Machine

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