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Anything but the Kitchen Sink

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vivandorron | 19:53 Fri 20th Jul 2007 | Food & Drink
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Apart from the sink and stove, what items of kitchen equipment would you replace immediately; or those you can now do without. e.g. Microwaves...Originally, I thought they were gimmicky, but would replace mine without question. Same goes for the Slow Cooker. However, I have a Kenwood Chef at the back of a cupboard, along with its attachments.(Liquidiser, Cream maker, Juice extractor, and Mincer.) Also a Filter Coffee Machine and an electric Coffee Grinder no longer see the light of day.

I've already expressed a personal opinion in AB that Bread Making Machines are gimmicky items and, whilst I still make bread by hand, I can appreciate that some folk may feel that a Granary Gizmo is worth the dough or bread involved.

Comments please............Ron. ( Viv's other half who often gets his fingers burnt.)


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Tin opener got to be top of the list. Followed by toaster.
Need the electric kettle , toaster . slow cooker . But can live with out all the other ones which are stashed in the cupboard . Have a toasted sandwich maker , never gets used as it's awful to clean , so bought toasty bags , what a brilliant invention . I won a juicer worth �85 and gave it to charity .
I have to admit I have nearly every gadget as most of you do in the kitchen but do not use many of them.
Need to keep my kettle, fridge freezer, good set of carving knives, cooker and oven.
Everything else is stacked away in cupboards and never used.
Hardly ever use my microwave either.
Hiya Viv and Ron ..long time no see.How are you slow cooking !
I would replace that asap( most important kitchen gadget) fact we did so recently .
Then the kettle ,electric handwhisk thingy ..little electric lemon and orange squeezer ....then the coffee machine (must have decent coffee) ,my little chopper blender gizmo and finally the microwave .
But I can live without the food processor ,juicer ,blender ,breadmaker ,ice cream machine ,sandwich maker ,egg cooker (why.. I ask myself )and all sorts of odds and ends lurking in the cupboards which I may have used once and never again and are just gathering dust !.
no dishwasher ... no dinners.
dust gathering bread machine
Question Author
In response to your replies, firstly we would like to say a few words to the lady who persuaded us to buy a Slow Cooker.

G'day shaney, It's nice to think that you have missed us. Congratulations on what must be your third Slow Cooker and we hope you noted that we would replace ours immediately. Have just put in a bacon joint to be sliced and eaten cold during the coming week. Salads and cold meats are ideal during these hot dry summer months.(ha! ha!) Hope you are free of any flooding in your part of Norfolk as are we are in Gower. We must agree to dis-agree about Coffee Machines. Have tried them all and have established that freshly ground beans, brewed as you would a pot of tea, is just as good. However, as our electric grinder is at back of copboard, we are happy enough with the instant variety, which is great with a shot of Drambuie and topped with fresh cream.

Now for a quick few words to the rest of you good folk:-

bimbo.....Can't disagree, but, as your tin opener has taken the lid off to include kitchen tools , we would not wish to be without a corkscrew. We really do enjoy our Red wine. ( A glassful in the cook is better than two in the cooking pot.)

theonlyone.....We agree with you, but what are these 'Toasty Bags' which you mentioned.

cruella.....We all need the items which you would replace. Wouldn't say that we use our Microwave all that much, but wouldn't wish to be without it.

sense4all.....We have an excellent pre-world war 2 made Dishwasher and Viv says that she wouldn't wish to be without him. ( Nice thing to say that about Ron!!)

Thank to all of you for having joined us in the kitchen.....Bon appetit.....V&R.
need my george foreman grill - ideal for chicken, burgers etc. Also I buy warburtons bread which was too big for the sandwich maker so I use froeman instead.
steamer and popcorn maker never see light of day, or cappucinno maker
Question Author
Hi fathead.....I'm not seeking a fight so please smile when I say that I'm not interested in taking on George Foreman; despite the fact that my great granfather came to Wales from Ireland with a Fairground Boxing Booth. Honestly, it is true about my ancestor.

However, it's good to know that, like us all, you also have kitchen items which never see the light of day....Thanks...Ron.
Yohooo again...No floods at the mo ..we had our fair share at the end of last summer ...long story !
But ..having just looked back I must agree with sense4all... ..the dishwasher would also be replaced asap.
All the years we went to work and never had one and now that we have all day to wash up we have a machine to do it .
Aaaaaagh ...lifes little luxuries eh ?
All the best to you both ....happy cooking .
Shaney xx
There are two very simple pieces of equipment I would hate to be without:
- My Victorinox potato peeler
- My Briabantia gadget for opening difficult jars and
screw cap bottles.
Question Author
G'evening Shaney.......Thanks for having re-threaded this item. I don't doubt that your coffee is good but I'm up for a personal challenge against your dishwasher: time factor for a starter.

I had hoped to have heard further from 'theonlyone' because I honestly do not know what are Toasty Bags. Do you?.

Best wishes .......Ron.

P.S. If you've a long story to tell you will know how to convey it to us via our questions. V&R
Question Author
Hi WendyS....What's special about the potato peeler you have because I'm really interested. I spent at least half an hour this afternoon peeling spuds which had been classified by Sainsbury's as new potatoes.
They were 'Maris Peer' from Cornwall and at 99p for 2.5kg were a bargin and,having been cooked with a teaspoonful of Garlic granules they will go great with the cold meat and salads which are on the menu for the next few days. Tasted some this evening , and they were good.

I think I know about the 'Cap Opener' you have which is similar to one I have. Perhaps it's my age, but bottle tops seem to be getting tighter......Thanks for your comments..Ron

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Anything but the Kitchen Sink

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