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pastafreak | 16:33 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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My Mcsweens haggis says "Do not reheat"

I don't intend to use it all, yet all ways of re-using leftovers require heating.

I usually heat the first time in simmering water. Can I do only half of it using that method if I wrap really well? I don't want a saucepan of loose haggi 🤔😉



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I have never...ever...liked anything cooked from scratch in the microwave. 

But, I've just read that I could have done my haggis in the...airfyer! Whole or sliced.

Done whole in the air fryer I would have thought it would burst - or do you take it out of the casing first ?

I did mine in the slow cooker yesterday.

it was handy as my huge pot had tatties in it and the oven had bread and tarts in it

Question Author

The recipe says to put it in a (silicon)loaf pan...still in casing. 15 minutes @180.

Question Author

Oh my...slow cooker sounds ideal.

It was Pasta, wrapped in a sheet of foil and cooked on high for 3 hours and I used boiling water from the start, I found they were jucier than normal and no splitting that you get with the traditional way.

By the way my haggis heated up lovely and the rest will be heated up tonight

Pasta, to be on the safeside, I would do as you suggest in your OP.  

The slow cooker option sounds good - I must try it next time I have a haggis.

In fact, I read your question incorrectly.  I would have cut it and only cut off as much as you want then wrap the rest.  Or perhaps that's what you meant!

Canary - I will certainly use it again - its very useful when cooking for a dinner party to be able to put it on and not having to worry about it boiling over or boiling dry and splitting and spilling its guts everywhere

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Well, I did as I usually do, and cooked the whole thing. And very good it was too. Not sure when I'll have the the past I've even had them straight out of the fridge.

Question Author

Lol about it spilling its guts...when you poke a hole in the end to open's all over the place. 

You can freeze the leftovers now it is cooked

We use a microwave for several things.  Canary I agreec aboutscrambled eggs and you have to take it out  before its cooked. I use it for cheese sauce too and a quick defrost when we've forgotten to take our evening dinner out of the freezer.  I also prefer carrots microwaved other than any other method.  

I agree with Chris.


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I tend to find anything "cooked" in the microwave has a strange texture. I used to do scrambled eggs in it at work, and tbh often thought it saved no time and didn't deliver a better end product...and clean up was no different. So at home I've always used a small non stick milk pan, butter, low -ish heat, cream in my eggs...and constant stirring.

I'll use the microwave to re heat soup or defrost veg...not meat or poultry. So very limited...that's why it's stored in a cupboard  😉😆

Our micro is used to start jacket spuds or reheat soup or food for the dogs.

Scrambled eggs are just not the same when cooked in the microwave  - they are far superior when cooked on the hob imo.

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