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Honey And Walnut Soda Bread

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Vagus | 16:54 Thu 18th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Think I'm addicted to it 😋

One of our daughters in law made some while we were there at Christmas and it was so tasty this is the second time I've now made it in January.

Im really surprised how easy it is to make, just the sort of bread making or baking I like. It was nice to be back in my kitchen now the decorators have finished, and has solved our evening meal...fresh bread and pate 😋



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I dare not make it, I'd scoff the lot 🥴

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I know, that's the trouble Barry.

This one is scored into quarters before cooking so is easy to separate and freeze..if it lasts that long 🙄

Since I avoid wheat and other grains, the only bread I make once in a while is a heavily seeded loaf...just flaxmeal and various seeds...chia, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin. I have another version that also contains porridge oats. Both are best toasted...wonderful with seed butters. Or avocado toast 😍

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Sounds nice pasta.

May I have the recipe please, Vagus, it sounds delicious 😋 

S'ok, I stopped drooling long enough to look it up and found a River Cottage recipe I'll definitely try - thanks, skz

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sks, the one I've been using, which is the one my daughter in law uses, is a Hugh fernly whittingstal recipe, years old. 
Good luck with yours, Hugh's uses wholemeal flour. If the river cottage one doesn't work out, let me know and I'll post the recipe, it took me a while to find it on line.

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That's the one, the winner, thanks for posting it.

I actually double up the ingredients and make a huge one, it still only takes 30 minutes to cook though.

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Ignore that...that's the exact recipe I use. My daughter in law told me half the amounts initially but I doubled up.

Given how unpleasant walnuts taste, it doesn't sound too appetising. I don't care for many seeds either. Even if they taste ok they stick between one's teeth. In any case I've minimised my intake of bread over the past year. I still have the odd small slice of sourdough toast though. And I did make some microwaved bread from a mix of almond flour and other ingredients a few months back. Surprisingly it wasn't bad, but I'm unsure I can find the enthusiasm to experiment and stumble across a better recipe.

OG, most nuts can taste bland, but if you toast them first before using, it greatly enhances the flavour. 

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OG, I don't like walnuts either and would never have made this bread had it not been served up to us at Christmas by our daughter in law. We had it with smoked salmon and both smacked our lips over it, so much so I decided to make it. It's lovely with pate too.

I really don't like walnuts.  If they are in a recipe I might use pecans as a substitute but only at a stretch.

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Honey And Walnut Soda Bread

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