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Air Fryers,Right For Me?

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NoseyNose | 00:15 Thu 18th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Having watched the TV programme this evening,about air fryers, my question is:~

As I am (now) a single household,is it worth me buying one?

I think that one person heating,and using, a large fan assisted oven(me)wastes money,and it seems take much longer to cook food.

So a small air fryer might be cheaper,and easier for me.

I have yet to work out the way to cook using the main(fan) part of my cooker,so use the small top oven(which works),but I think that even this is more expensive than the air fryer would be?

I don't have the instruction book for my cooker,lord knows where my partner put it.LOL

So I could start all over again with an  air fryer,and know just what I was doing.

Any comments/advice would be most welcome/

Thank You,Gordon.



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Hi Gordon, get you, you little Fanny Craddock.😀First of all, all you need is the make and model number of your cooker and you should be able to find the instructions online.I don't have an air fryer so I may not be the person to comment, but as I live alone like you, I did wonder what sort of things I would use it for and decided it wasn't worth it and would turn out to be...
00:27 Thu 18th Jan 2024

That makes sense, Gordon.

What food do you like to eat, by the way?

i use my air fryer quite a  lot .i too go on line for times and temps  and i found Butlers Empire site very informative and amusing to watch ,i did their spotted dick recipe which was lovely and many others x

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I don't know why that posted twice?


I will eat most things,but as I get older(76) I can't be bothered with a lot of fuss and preparation.

That's why I thought of an air fryer, it has less time and ease of use?

I am going to have a look around  the sheltered housing that I would like to live in, next week.

I will update this post when I have.

Things are moving,at last.


I'm pleased for you re sheltered housing 

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barry 1010,

For you,and anyone else interested,here is the Sheltered Housing I would like to move to:~

Looks nice,eh?

I live on my own,  was gifted an air fryer last August, its a Tower single draw.  Haven't used my main oven since.   I cook everything in the AF,  from cheese on toast to roast meat and roast potatoes, had apple crumble last evening   I do use my hob for vegetables,  but i wouldn't be without the Air Fryer.  

Looks lovely, Gordon.  Good luck

Barsel, Making a fruit cake last Sunday was a toss up between a slow cooked one or using my MW oven.

I opted for the *six minute* MW recipe as it didn't need cooking parchment. It took far longer than that to assemble and mix the ingredents and as a cake I reckon about 8/10.

15.05 That place looks very nice - hope it will be your future home.  A lovely part of the country - used to visit Icklesham and loved Rye - so quaint.

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I see that some air fryers have little windows,to let you see the food that is cooking.

Is there really any reason for this,or is it just a gimmick?

I replied on your other thread, Gordon

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Yes,I saw it,Thanks for that!

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Air Fryers,Right For Me?

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