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1% Milk

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bednobs | 22:58 Mon 08th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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my usual supplier has just told me they will no longer be delivering 1% milk.  Do any supermarkets sell it?



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Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's sell it, I expect all the larger stores do

Question Author

my tesco and sains dont appear to

My Co-Op has it...

Oh!  It is showing as out of stock at Tesco and Sainsbury's, sorry

It is showing in stock at my local co-op, check your local store online

Sainsburys stopped selling it some years ago.

What's the other 99% ?

OG the other 99% is free from milk.

So it's water?

It's about 91% water with protein, carbohydrates and the 1% fat making up the difference.

It's just milk with slightly more fat than skimmed and slightly less than semi-skimmed

Question Author

it's half way between skimmed and semi. it's not like water, but to me tastes like semi

Is that the red lid/label milk?

I only like the blue milk.

Question Author

Orange I think

I only like oat milk which really isn't mik at all.

Never heard of or seen orange milk!

It's the lid that's orange (at Tesco, anyway) not the milk.

Supermarkets are changing their plastic bottle tops to white because white plastic is better for recycling than coloured.

Blue is whole milk (full fat), orange is 1%. 

Full fat is still only 3.25% fat, semi - skimmed is 1.8% and skimmed is under .3% 

 I suppose it makes a lot of difference if you consume a lot of milk every day; just a splash in a few hot drinks won't have any affect unless you can't tolerate fat in milk or don't like the taste.

Question Author

thanks barry, i follow slimming world andhaving 1%  means i can have porridge, numerous cuppas AND cheese and remain on plan# 

Fair enough.  I have my porridge with water

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1% Milk

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