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Decaf Coffee

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barry1010 | 18:42 Mon 08th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Does it taste different to regular coffee?  I am drinking far too much coffee and am thinking if I switch to decaf from midday I might sleep better.  

I'm a simple man, I drink mainly instant coffee.



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No difference at all.

No, it doesn't taste much different but you don't get the coffee hit.

I'm not a coffee drinker but maybe once a year I will have a cup of cappuccino if I meet people in a coffee shop.  I always have decaf - tastes fine to me but doesn't make me feel 'wired' like caffeinated does.

I can recommend Nescafe Roastery...very nice. On offer if you have a nectar card


I drink both the regular stuff and decaf.  I don't really notice any great difference at all.

No difference .

Question Author

Thanks all. I shall add it to my Thursday delivery

Avoid the very cheapest decaffeinated coffee, it tastes like the sweepings from the floor. A mid range is tasty and worth a try. 

You can never drink enough coffee

if you have a favourite brand, stick with that, but the decaffinated version. (as some of them are awful). So from Nescafe to Nescafe decaff, or from Kenco to Kenco decaff etc.

If you drink a lot of coffee don't suddenly switch to decaff. Make a gradual move over, mixing granules of both.

Withdrawal symptoms from caffeine can be unpleasant - headaches and mood swings.

I tend to find more difference between different regular coffees than between leaded & unleaded versions of the same brew.


Of course if you can't get an unleaded version of your usual, you have to go find another favourite all over again.

I've been drinking Millicano decaf for a few years now after being a big coffee drinker.  It's fine. 

Barry, we drink Nescafé gold blend. Apart from the mug I have first thing in the morning, I drink the decaf version if I want coffee during the day. It tastes ever so slightly different but is still very nice.

OH won't touch it, says it's awful.

Question Author

Thanks all, I will buy the decaf version of my usual brand.

I am thinking I will drink my usual coffee before noon and decaf after, for a few weeks before making the full switch assuming I like it

I drink regular coffee for the lift & then an hour later the decaf for the taste.

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I prefer it!  Thanks for all your replies, now I just have to see how I cope with the caffeine withdrawal.  

This decaf seems more flavourful yet smoother than what I usually drink.  Cheers!

I don't understand - I can drink a double espresso and go to bed an hour later with no effect.

I don't know if the means I have drank so much coffee that I have burnt out my caffine receptors

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Good for you, I envy you

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Decaf Coffee

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