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melv16 | 12:30 Sun 19th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone know why they have changed the shape of the tea bags from triangular to the original square shape?



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Did you buy the standard ones instead of the pyramids?

Question Author

I bought the ones that were on offer 😁

Does it taste the same?

I wonder whether the 'pyramid' bag was based on an advertising gimmick, rather than sound physics.

If there is no genuine benefit to using a potentially more expensive production process, it makes sense to go back to the standard system, and find a new advertising novelty.

Question Author

Andy. They've been pyramid shape for about 20yrs, probably more.

The Egyptians finally objected to copyright infringement.

^^^or cultural appropriation  

It's a pain as I drink Yorkshire decaf which is the standard square shape and was easily differentiated from PG. Now everyones tea in the house is the same.

Rocky, you can still buy PG pyramid teabags.  In the meantime put your bags in a different tub, bag or caddy

Melv - It was just a suggestion, I can't claim any inside knowledge of tea bag production!


About a month ago, I bought a small box pyramid tea bags. I remember it used to be quite a strong tasting tea, compared to a lot of others. It was horrible. Hardly any taste to it.

Question Author

Thanks for the link, corby.  I'll be able to sleep soundly tonight.😁

Commenting on the bags, PGs pyramid specialist, Sandi Spinks stated that it was still the best selling teabag in the Faroes and no amount of Tut tutting could change that.

The object of a teabag is to allow water in to extract flavour from the tea. This depends on the surface area available to let the water in. The worst possible shape for a teabag, would be a sphere, since this has the minimum surface area for a given volume. The tetrahedral shape of "pyramid" teabags is a fairly close approximation to a sphere, so is not really a good idea. The good old flat teabag design is far more effective.

'Tetleyhedral', shurely. 😊

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