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Does Anyone Do "Thin Sliced"Bread?

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NoseyNose | 10:46 Thu 02nd Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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I love making cucumber sandwiches,but no matter how I try,I cannot slice the bread(consistently) thin for them.

I know that (probably years ago) you used to get sliced thin bread,

I have search a lot on the net,but had no luck.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!



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Warburtons make sandwich thins.  They look like the crusts really but they are very thin.  Friend of mine buys them because they are low in calories.

Have you gone to a baker and ask them to slice bread thinly? They have machines so should be able to do it for you.

Also lidls have a slicing machine but I don't know if its adjustable


Can't your baker or bakery section of supermarket slice it for you?

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Thank You.

I do have some of these in the freezer,and they are great.I even have a "Crimper" mould to turn them into little toasted sandwiches!

But I think that they would be a bit thick, and not refined enough for cucumber sandwiches.

Come on,call me a snob,I can take it.LOL

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Thank You both 

Redhelen72 and Calibax,

Actual bakers are few on the ground down here.

I have asked at Tesco bakery,but their machine (it seems) only has one setting,medium.

I shall check with Sainsbury & Asda,and hope for the best.


If you search Lakeland for SLICER there are two you might consider. One is just a guide  for a knife and costs about £20, the other is an electric slicer which is adjustable for thickness but that costs about £90. We have the electric one which we use for slicing meat for sandwiches; it's very effective but not cheap.

What was the best thing before sliced bread?


//What was the best thing before sliced bread?//

A decent knife

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Thank You,bhg481

Even £20. is a big whack out of a state pension,for just some sandwiches.(Sorry).

I shall keep hoping that I can find a supermarket that might slice the loaf for me.

Have you looked at Brace's thin sliced in Sainsbury's?

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A big thank you Barry,

Now all I have to do is wait for it to come back "In Stock",and from expereince that can take a long time to happen(or never)

That doesn't detract at all from your excellent suggestion though.


If I want thin sliced bread I go for a Blackpool Milk Roll. Try that perhaps, it's pretty thin. 

How did you get on with the almond butter?

Oh and the slices are round so the cucumber slices fit perfectly! 

Try an improvisation. Cut the crusts off two slices of your bread, and put them on the bread board. Use a rolling pin to flatten them thinner, then make up your sandwiches. Don't trawl looking for bakeries with machines to cut extra thin, they don't for a reason. 

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Hello there Barry,

I haven't tried the Almond Butter yet,maybe tomorrow,with croissants?

I emailed Brace's Customer services,and they replied"

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, we do not supply your area, apologies for any inconvenience."



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Having searched a lot,it looks like us Southerners don't have a taste for Blackpool Milk Roll down here.

Sainsburys does milk roll, but only medium thick, I don't know if that would do?

Thanks anyway.


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Thanks for the idea,but I want something to make my life easier.sorry.


My Gran used to hold the loaf under her left arm, butter it (with lurpac) and then cut it.  She could get real thin slices.

Must admit I have not seen thin sliced for sometime in the supermarkets.



I think the problem is that Noseynose doesn't  want pre-sliced bread (from the supermarket), but unsliced bread cut thin. It''s not an option.

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Does Anyone Do "Thin Sliced"Bread?

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