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Low Calorie Fasting

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drobi619 | 17:29 Thu 26th Oct 2023 | Food & Drink
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I want to start fasting for long periods of time with minimal caloric intake for weight loss. I need to maintain my nutrition to consume around 39 calories of nutrient-rich supplements and electrolytes daily. This will only be for 72 hours at a time. I will also be doing this fasting to see if it will help me understand if food triggers why I am always so tired throughout the day.;psc=1



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No food does not cause tiredness in the way you think.

Your plan will not allow you to tell if it does or not

39 Cals/d is far too low and I consider it dangerous. Clearly you are allowed to do what you like to yourself, but I do not think others should consider it safe

Many years ago I calculated the average person needs to consume 33 calories/day per kg of weight (to maintain that weight).

e.g. to maintain a weight of 75kg you would need to consume circa 2,475 calories/day.

If a person weighing 100kg was to limit themselves to an average of 2,475 calories/day, it would not take too long before they reached that weight – with the added advantage that they then need to continue with the level of calorie consumption to maintain the weight.

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Low Calorie Fasting

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