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How Do I Drink Alcohol Without Getting Drunk?

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Salty80 | 19:26 Fri 06th Jan 2023 | Food & Drink
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Is there a specific way?


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slowly and sparingly?
spit it out, boil, it before you drink it? drink 10 pints of water with every glass of wine or shot of liquor, or with every pint of beer-you'll be to bloated to drink any more beer
Surely depends on how much of the stuff you drink?
You can buy non-alcoholic lager, cider, gin and probably other spirits so there's no need to drink alcohol if you want the taste but don't want to get drunk.
Agree with Carrot. There's quite a big range of non or low alcohol drinks available now.
If you can manage a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, and no more, then you're handling it. If that first drink leads to drunkenness you might want to consider your relationship with alcohol.
Alcohol is absorbed by the stomach or the small intestine. Eating first - especially fatty foods - will slow the absorption as the stomach will deal with the food before allowing the passage of the alcohol to the small intestine, which has a much larger surface area, allowing faster absorption.

Properly described here -

Fairly sure I learnt that ^ from QI, but happy to be corrected.
you can't
unless you dont drink ( which makes sense to any Aber but no one else)
I should have said (I think!) - "Alcohol is absorbed by ONLY the stomach or the small intestine..."

That's my lot I think, I keep typing "stomcha"...but in my defence, the bar opened a while ago... :-)
As LK suggested something fatty before going out drinking. A double portion of fish and chips like us northern have been doing for years go's down well.
If you eat a large meal before drinking you will not get drunk so fast.
I find two homemade (so think large or very large) G&Ts or glasses of wine are fine, a third is too much.
Everyone’s different though, in their tolerance of alcohol.
When I used to go drinking with some heavy drinkers, I knew my limits, and wud drink a pint of water with every pint of beer! It done the trick for me.
I was always taught that a thick milkshake (do they still exist? I haven't seen any since the local Ed's Diner closed) was as good as a plate of chips.
You can't drink alcohol without getting drunk. Alcohol makes you drunk.
Salty, do you mind if I ask why? As in, why do you want to drink alcohol and not get drunk?

A few reasons that I can think, off the top of my head;

1) You like the taste of alcoholic beverages but don't want to get intoxicated.
2) Social pressure - you feel pressure to drink alcohol (be it at the pub, with friends, etc)
3) A challenge - you want to 'drink someone under the table'.
Don't go along with friends and avoid drinking rounds and shots. Set your limits. Before you start drinking, decide how many drinks you'll have and then stick to that number.
Very slowly

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How Do I Drink Alcohol Without Getting Drunk?

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