Food Prices.

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sandyRoe | 10:53 Thu 07th Jul 2022 | Food & Drink
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I bought two tins of mackerel this morning at a local supermarket. Glancing at the receipt I see they were £2.09 each. It seems no time ago they were 89p a tin.
Own brand beans, at 39p a tin, have disappeared from the shelves but there are plenty of Heinz beans available at 99p.
How are people coping with these prices rises?


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Change your supermarket! Princes canned mackerel fillets are £1.40 in Tesco
but their own brand are only 80p

(I pay £1.09 for 4 cans of own-brand baked beans in Morrisons).

That doesn't mean that I've not noticed plenty of price rises though. Some of them creep in (in part, at least) through the withdrawal of multi-buy offers. For example, not long ago Morrison's 'The Best' yogurts were priced at 60p each but with a perpetual '4 for £2' offer on them. They're now 79p each, meaning that the shelf price has risen by 32%. However, as there's no longer any multi-buy offer, the real price of 4 yogurts has risen by 58%.

It's much the same with other products that used to have multi-buy deals, such as chilled ready meals. The shelf price increase has been kept relatively low but, because the multi-buy deals have gone, the actual price increase is far greater.

While I'm far from well off (with an income of around £15k p.a.), I'm fortunately in the position whereby cutting out a few treats (such as eating in Morrison's café a couple of times a week) has allowed me to continue doing my grocery shopping without worrying too much about the costs. However I can well understand why others are struggling.
Muller yoghurt was on a deal if you bought 10 just a couple of weeks ago in Morrisons.

We've been on holiday but I might pop in tomorrow and check.

On the fish thing their own brand in the spicy tomato sauce goes down well.
Sorry, I don't know how people are coping/will cope but there's always the home-made lentil soup option.
I couldn't find pack of 4 Heinz baked beans in Tescos. Only single tins at a £1 each! Daylight robbery! I dont like their own brands..
Drove to my local town today for my weekly shop, and the price of petrol was unchanged from last week. A miracle!
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Patsy - for ages Tesco have done a four-for-£1 deal on their low sugar baked beans. Today: £1.30p
Goodgoalie, couldn't see them this week. Not much at all..
You'll be lucky to find many (any?) Heinz products left on the shelves in Tesco!
A million housewives every day
Pick up a tin of beans and say

I'm off to a real shop for my fart inducers.
My favourite tipple is Pepsi Max in 500ml bottles. Most supermarkets want £1.45 for a bottle. I buy a twenty-four pack via Amazon at £19 and that included postage.

I am in a good situation financially and for this I am grateful.
Further to the post by catman Chris, Tesco may no longer supplying hooomans with Dreamies. This is bad, really bad news for cat slaves.
Not food but supermarket related, my husband and uses a large box of tissues most days. Last week the price of Tesco own were £1.10 a box. They are now £1.25 a box. 15p box rise.
Tissues have been difficult to find recently but seem a bit more plentiful again..
all my food items have gone up, now paying average 35/40 pounds for a weekly shop, where just a short while ago it was 30 quid.
Our prices have reached stupidity level and it's not just food.
same here 1ozzy, my energy bill has gone up twice in two months, and now faced with further increases in October.
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Heinz beans have been a rip off for some time. I bought a stack a few months back and all the tins seem to have 1/4 of juice. They dont seem to be the same quality that they used to be.

Time to find some decent ones from another maker.

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