Do You Put Your Bread In The Freezer

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roadman | 14:50 Tue 21st Dec 2021 | Food & Drink
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On best before day to save it from going mouldy


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I put bread in the freezer on the day I buy it.
I freeze on day of purchase and take out when I'm ready to start a new loaf or pack of rolls.
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Oh ok well i use my bread then freeze it on the day that it says best before because i do like a sandwich and frozen bread defrosted isnt the same so i usually use my frozen bread for toast you see
If it's sliced, I separate into perhaps 4 sluices and wrap them before freezing.
If it's unsliced, I cut in chunks and wrap those separately.
The days it's delivered, monthly tesco shop.
I don't freeze bread. I buy fresh every day.
I regularly freeze bread, regardless of it's best before date. Remember the Bbd is only a guide, being past it does not necessarily mean the food is suddenly inedible.
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Fresh bread every day well i dont use enough for that but you can get those small loafs i do prefer the fresh bread but my partner says the crust is too chewy but i like it
The bread I've frozen is ok for toast. I don't like using it for fresh sandwiches. So I keep some out.
yes I do
from the supermarket. I save old packets and lay flat two by two and so.... you can pick out a pair ( of bits of bread that is!) and thaw out OR put in toaster - actually frozen they re-plit quite easily

one min in the toaster will thaw

my little contribution to Home Economy
I put mine in the freezer the same day as I bake it (after slicing it) - otherwise I end up eating a whole loaf in one day.

You can't beat home-baked bread.
PP who knew you were such a domestic goddess?
Usually in my wallet - but if you have burglars they might not look in the freezer!
And milk .
A sliced loaf will typically last me a week and, even then, it's often never been opened when I decide that it's time to throw it out. (I eat very little bread and if, say, I want some bread with a bowl of soup, I'll probably buy a couple of rolls just for that meal anyway).

I don't freeze bread, largely because I've only got a small ('table top') freezer and a loaf would take up nearly half the space inside it, which I need for other things.
I've always frozen bread on day of purchase & have just put 2 loaves of thick-sliced wholemeal in the freezer. When I take one out, it defrosts on the draining board & when I open it the next day, the bread is as soft & tasty as if it had been opened when bought.
Exactly the same as Lie in King.
I have found that some bread is not the best when it has been frozen but Warburton's Farmhouse is always as good after defrost as it is fresh.
A couple of slices only takes 10 minutes or so to defrost.
No, I never freeze bread.
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Some good ideas here i imagine if i baked a loaf i would eat it whilst it was still warm with some butter the whole thing

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Do You Put Your Bread In The Freezer

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