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What Would Go Best With A Nice Boiled Ham?

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LeonBlank1995 | 09:33 Fri 20th Aug 2021 | Food & Drink
36 Answers
1. Colcannon
2. Rumble-de-thumps
3. Bubble and Squeak

Opinions required. Many thanks.



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Colcannon. Yum.
Something cheesy.
Stilton mash. Could add sauteed leeks/mustard/spring onion
ozzie has never had ham, colcannon and a pint of Guinness or Murphy's with the food.....a pint that has sat on the counter nurdling for ten minutes.....
It's odd how some people who don't like the taste of certain foods, rather than just accepting tastes do differ, they have to go on and use abusive terms about those foods.

It's a bit like some Abers addressing opinions they disagree with. They don't respond with evidence-supported debate, they just use unpleasant epithets about the holder of those opinions and assume this makes their case.

P.S. From the OP list, Bubble and Squeak gets my vote. Or, for a further suggestion, how about Pease Pudding.
yes Champ is scallions/spring onions BUT you must simmer the scallions until they soften (in butter and milk) then mash them into your taties. I am doing that on Sunday as my sister is not eating too well but likes Champ and bacon.
have you not made it for Gawds's sake. The hunger would wore off me by now and a packet of crisps would do me in bread and butter. Hurry up
I would certainly go with Colcannon.
I'd happily eat any of those three with a nice ham Leon, there's very little in the way of veg I dislike.
Mmm Champ, I loved that when I was across in Belfast

Canary who’s the little cheeky face in you av?
I think it's that strange little child from Sweden
Greta? Kinda looks * normal * as a child should, today she’s a Scowler, never looks at all happy
Whenever we have ham, we have (Swedish-style) red cabbage casserole...and something green as well!
Parsley Sauce, Anglesey new potatoes, Broad beans.
egg, potato waffles and pease pudding
egg, new potatoes and swede.

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What Would Go Best With A Nice Boiled Ham?

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