Dipping With The French

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NeedToKnowPlease | 09:27 Mon 19th Jul 2021 | Food & Drink
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Are the French known for dipping items into hot drinks?

I was watching a programme with Channel 4's token French man, Fred Sirieix. He dipped a scone looking thing into a cup of coffee whilst at a prestigious place and everyone looked at him as if he had just broken the law.

Are the french known for dipping? Fred said it was because he was French.

I can't remember what Fred dipped if anyone can pull the scene that would be amazing.


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Many French people dunk their croissants into the coffee. Delicious.
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Indeed it is! I'm a fan of dunking.
I think it's why hot chocolate at breakfast is served in a bowl.
Don't the Scots do it too - dunking Mars Bars into hot fat ;-)
Not quite so stylish though

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Dipping With The French

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