Fantastic Freezer Feast...not!

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Vagus | 19:26 Sat 10th Jul 2021 | Food & Drink
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Due to circumstances it was a freezer forage meal this evening to use things up.
It consisted of a pack of M&S katsu chicken tenders (possibly from a meal deal), two packs of microwave chips (no idea when or how they got in the freezer), and some peas.
Followed by a sticky toffee pud, again probably from a meal deal. No cream, ice cream, custard or yogurt.
And then a melatonin gummie.
I have no doubt everyone here had a better meal than that!


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Got to ask, what has the moon got to do with seaweed, gness.

Her son stopped her collecting it for me when she fell into the sea one night.

Should have waited for the tide to go out.
it's the time you collect it, has a cheesy smile on it.
When the moon and tide are at a certain point, Tony you gather the Carrageen Moss. (a type of seaweed with great health benefits).

If the tide was out it was no good picking it. She was a great lady for knowing the moon and tides but I suppose at eighty seven it was a tad dodgy.
I suppose at eighty seven it was a tad dodgy.

Just a bit I'd say, gness.

Thanks for explaining the moon / tide thing.
Chinese takeaway tonight (thanks to a very generous 50% off discount code), with plenty leftover for tomorrow, salt and pepper chicken wings and Yung Chow fried rice. I have strawberries and cream, but I'm going to save them for the Wimbledon men's final tomorrow and just have an Asda version of a Nobbly Bobbly.

I love the bean jenga!!
Thanks, Eve. Would have been fantastic had Dave let me build it up high.
Envy you your Chinese takeaway. Had the most fantastic one two minutes away when I was in the UK. Nearest here is 20 odd miles and they don't deliver to the back of beyond. Could collect but if the road back is blocked by sheep, cows and tractors it's gone cold.
For supper this evening I had 6 M&S mini pork pies. I picked them up because they were marked down from £2.25 to £1.10.
Washed down with a mug of tea.
Oh, Sandy...not a pork pie to be had in Kerry. I could just eat one now that you've posted.
mmmmm - I remember mini pork pies with cranberries on top ...
Gness, no local shops selling them?
A big slice of pork pie from Lewin's shop in Kettering...with beetroot (not pickled) ....bliss.
Not a shop anywhere we have been in Kerry, Sandy.
When I lived in Canada we would get messages from friends saying....M&S has had a delivery of pork pies and we would dash into the city.

Not a pork pie to be seen here at all.... may try to find a big Tesco somewhere.....:-(

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Fantastic Freezer Feast...not!

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