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jennyjoan | 00:57 Sat 27th Feb 2021 | Food & Drink
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Anybody tell me the difference between corned beef mentioned in America and our corned beef in the UK.


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Didn't know there was a difference.
^^^ neither did I.
Do you mean meat loaf?
American 'corned beef' is salt-cured brisket of beef:

What we call 'corned beef', they call 'bully beef'.
Would that be sold in a 'Deli', Chris ?
Buen: Didn't know.
PS: Our 'corned beef' (= American 'bully beef') is made from the same stuff (i.e. salt-cured brisket of beef) but then finely minced, pressed and held together by gelatine.
Would that be sold in a 'Deli', Chris ?

From the website of one of NYC's most famous deli's:
I always buy the cans if Fray Bentos...You know, the one you have to open with a key.
What's the difference between American corned beef and pastrami?
Thanks Chris ( ain't cheap is it ).
>>> What's the difference between American corned beef and pastrami?

Pastrami is much heavier on the spices.

More detail here:
>>> ain't cheap is it

That thought had occurred to me, Tony!

My link says "You can assume between 2-3 sandwiches per pound". Taking a mean, of 2.5 sandwiches per pound, at $34 per pound, makes the meat content of one sandwich come to $13.60 (= just under ten quid). You've gotta like your sarnies at that price!

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It was a long time ago 2000s when I was last in America and I remember at a party - we gathered on the lanai - corned beef was mentioned but when it appeared it didn't look like ours - more like a ham shank per se.
Blimey, I'd expect a pint at least to go with it, Chris ( just to wash it down of course ).
Remember...those are AMERICAN sarnies, not puny British ones;)
Confusing isn't it ( sidewalk, footpath, boot, trunk etc ) these Americanism's, jj.
Oi Madam, Wot d ya mean puny ;-)
Too true. Try saying to someone in the US, 'I'm just nipping out for a quick fag.'

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