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bobbie22 | 17:21 Fri 12th Feb 2021 | Food & Drink
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I have some really bland tasting sausages in my freezer. I am going to have a go at making sausage rolls out of them. Any suggestions what spices or something I can add to make them taste better? Many thanks


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mix into the raw sausage meat you mean or put in the pastry with the sausage?

Try some paprika.
Safe finely chopped onions, grated apple and salt and pepper
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Thanks for your replies. Yes mix into the raw sausage. Lovely suggestions. Will have a go at making sausage rolls.
Give them to the local fox ;-)
loads of options chutney and curry powder.....chilli sauce or chopped mustard......harissa paste....chopped fried off onion.....garlic.....mixed herbs.....a small amount of stock cube...grated cheese.....
Some of the nicest I've ever eaten were from a local lady who mixed sage & onion stuffing in with the sausagemeat. Definitely YUM!
Salt and ground White pepper. Seasoning is your friend in this.

I'd also chuck in some sage and onion. But season first.

Fry a teaspoonful to check you've nailed it.
Remove the skins and to create sausagemeat and then follow a recipe like this ...
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Thanks a lot. I took up quite a few of the suggestions. I didn’t realise how difficult they were to make, I haven’t made them before but they tasted very nice

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