Scampi Chips Peas

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Vagus | 10:47 Fri 29th May 2020 | Food & Drink
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and a Bramble cocktail to start with for us this evening.
How about you, what you all having?
And another question...what do you have with salad? We’ve been having various quiches, will have some prawns in Marie Rose sauce next time, and had a lovely pizza with salad last night.
Looking for some inspiration.


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Ive made a minced beef and onion pie with a cheese crumble topping, we will have that with some crusty bread
This evening? What happened to lunch?

I went down to the local fish van O(which calls here every Friday morning) an hour or so ago and got a couple of sea bream fillets for a fiver. I was going to have them both for lunch but I've decided to have just the one and save the other one for later. It's in the oven now (because I'll be eating an early lunch very shortly), coated in olive oil, with a dusting of chili powder and wrapped in foil. I'll be having it with some spuds and sliced green beans (both out of cans, 'cos I'm meant to be in the 'sheltered' group and keeping my shopping to an absolute minimum but, with some butter on the spuds and a squirt of lemon juice on the fish, my meal should be OK, I hope!).
Bramble Cocktail? Is that like Prawn cocktail or is it a drink?

Salad: tear up some salad leaves add crispy bacon pieces, shredded parmesan ( or whatever hard cheese you have to hand), spring onions , Add salad dressing of choice -I use Ranch- add croutons.
burgers in a buckfast sause and chips

As for salad, I feed it to my pet haggis Bertie, he loves the stuff
Tucking in right now - Delicious!
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Sounds great 85, I love a cheesy crumble topping.
Like the sound of yours too Chris even though I’m not a great fish fancier.
Bramble cocktail is a drink. The salad part of our ‘salad’ consists of chopped cucumber, chopped pepper, halved cherry tomatoes and halved seedless grapes, no leaves near it. And of course plenty of croutons. I was asking more in terms of what do people have with it.
I've got left over roast chicken and making pasta to go with it later.

I just have salad with loads of stuff in it like olives, cubed halloumi, croutons, seeds and caesar dressing. And chopped sun-dried toms in olive oil if I have some.
I'm having this...

As for salad...I'd chuck anything in. Might do a prawn salad for lunch with baked potato.
Mixed seafood salad now :-)
What's a bramble cocktail Vagus?

Burgers and fried onions tonight on cheese topped toasted baps. My mouth's watering thinking about it!
My goodness that looks delicious! Thank you Buenchico.
salmon (with salad)
I don't get scampi, it seems to be mainly breadcrumbs with a bit of unidentified fish inside, often mushy.
^ It's prawns, isn't it?
It's supposed to be a type of small lobster, margie, Nephrops Norvegicus
I think its lobster.
I might have a dough crust , with ham ,chicken ,pepperoni and sweet peppers on top

Oh , nearly forgot the pineapple
>>> It's supposed to be a type of small lobster, margie, Nephrops Norvegicus

a.k.a. Langoustine!
Buen, that Bramble cocktail looks amazing!
I'm not a great lover of gin, but I would definitely drink that..

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