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Italian Restaurants

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Vagus | 20:23 Thu 19th Sep 2019 | Food & Drink
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Will be eating Italian tomorrow evening, a family owned, well respected and reviewed restaurant.
What would be your choice of starter and main course at somewhere like that?


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I tend to choose once at the restaurant,whats on the menu, what I fancy and if there are any chefs specials.
remember that an Italian dinner is a more drawn out affair than ours, as in:

Aperitivo. The aperitivo opens a meal, and it is similar to an appetizer
Antipasto. The antipasto is a slightly heavier starter. ...
Primo. A primo is the first course. ... often a pasta dish
Secondo e contorno. ... *the equiv of our main course)
Formaggi e frutta.
Digestivo con caffè

Enjoy the experience.
Question Author
I’d probably agree with you TonyV, I’m just interested to know what other people enjoy.
I’ve seen spaghetti with prawns and scallops as a starter, a bit like a soup, which really appeals. Am veering more towards seafood generally, could you recommend any for a main course (I don’t enjoy any fish with bones)?
But that isn't compulsory!
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Thank you DTCrossowrdfan, I appreciate your reply but am well used to Italian food/eating.
I often go for fish. I think last time I went for a prawn & crayfish cocktail and then veal for the main.

I avoid pasta as I find it too filling. I also avoid chefs specials as I always think they're trying to get rid of food.
I always go for Calamari or oysters for a starter and Pasta Puttanesca for main course.
Lobster Risotto.
Question Author
Is there a particular fish you enjoymore than others Ummmm? I find I’m veering more towards fish than meat these days but am wary of bones.
my last really good Italian was fish based (coastal Tuscan)

Aperitivo. - Tuscan white wine and bruschetta with fresh toms reduced.
Antipasto.0 lightly battered prawns, seared scallops in garlic and grilled octopus tentacles
Primo. Seafood risotto
Secondo e contorno. Langoustine - charcoal grilled and delish
Formaggi e frutta. Tuscan cheeses, grapes and basalmic figs
Dolce. Local geltos
Digestivo con caffè Sambucco shots and espresso

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I do love pasta puttanesca, very tasty, but something I can and do make at home.
Mam, I love lobster too, especially lobster thermadore, I had salmon thermadore recently and it really was delicious.
I like to have a pasta dish I don't make at home and some zabaglione.
For starters I would have calamari.
Probably Bruschetta as a light starter before an oven baked Rigatoni dish, if like the usual place I eat Italian, which is rigatoni with beef meatballs, beef and pork ragu, fresh chillies, roasted peppers and balsamic red onions; topped with mozzarella. It comes with a side salad, usually cherry tomatoes, cucumber, rocket and sliced pepper.

Or Butterfly King Prawns (oven roasted on Italian bread with garlic and parsley) before Spaghetti Carbonara.
Another favourite is calf’s liver with sage and potatoes. I’m getting hungry now thinking about this.
Question Author
Goodness, Eve, that all sounds scrumptious.
As does calves liver, Clover, I just love liver but rarely get to eat it.
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If it is on the menu I would go for Pasta al Tonno for the main.(pasta with tuna sauce)
For the starter an Antipasto board.
Question Author
We enjoyed a delicious meal.
I ended up having spaghetti with prawns, spicy sausage and queen scallops for my starter...sounds a lot but it was starter size, and very, very tasty.
Followed by sea bass with prawns in a cream sauce with some sort of potato side dish. Also very tasty.
For dessert I had a scoop of garlic ice cream, one of strawberry and balsamic vinegar, and one of banana with cardamom and basil. Very different but very enjoyable.

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Italian Restaurants

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