Menthol/eucalyptus/lemon Cordial

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Puzzled001 | 12:01 Fri 20th Sep 2019 | Food & Drink
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Hi all, anyone out there no of a cordial/powder drink .Hot lemon/ menthol/eucalyptus without the ' medication' I'm already on the max dose. I've tried hot lemon cordial with a dissolved 'Mentholypus' but it's not very good.


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Make some lemon tea and drink it after using a steam inhalation of Vicks.
Agree with the steam approach.

Hot lemon and honey is both soothing and a decongestant effect.
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Thanks, Tilly2 & Mam'e. I don't want it as a 'medicine' or decongestant, just a comforting drink when feeling 'unwell'
Why did you ask about menthol?
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Hi Tilly2, I just like the flavour combination, and effect.
Can't help there, Puzzled. Sorry.
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Thanks for trying Tilly2, much appreciated. I did ask this question a long time ago (10yrs) just thought I'd see if anyone new was about with any suggestions. can buy both menthol crystals and eucalyptus oil (both cheap).
Make hot lemon drink (using decent lemon cordial) and add one drop eucalyptus oil and one menthol crystal...stir well and drink.
I suspect that is the nearest you will get!
I can't come up with any suggestions (sorry!) but I can suggest an alternative delicious cordial that's great for colds (etc) or just when you're feeling a bit low:
It's gorgeous!
^^^interesting, Chris. I use their ginger cordial (hot) with some honey and a slice of lemon....
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Thanks gingejbee, that looks worth a try,

Buenchico, the cordials look great, just a pity about the sugar/carb content as i'm diabetic and like to keep my present carb. balance

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Menthol/eucalyptus/lemon Cordial

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