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spathiphyllum | 12:00 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Food & Drink
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I do a decent risotto. i usually do chorizo, chicken, borccoli and leeks (as well as onions garlic and veg stock) however i find the chicken is boring so i've cut that out.

I want to add some more veg, maybe a cut up red pepper. apart from peas and sweetcorn, anyone any vegetable suggestions?


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Mushroom is a good idea, that's what they do in Spain paella style, chicken "Spanish sausage" and mushroom, however i'm not a fan of them myself.
I do a nice butternut squash, leek and bacon risotto which is very tasty
celery,broad beans.asparagus
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celery and asparagus are good ideas. I will do asparagus for sure. I'll cut it up very small though. Celery would be nice if it went very soft, maybe if i 'cooked' it with the rice (15 min in a boiling pan will do)
thanks for posting
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It's fine i suggest you try it. I do the chorizo first, get the pan nice n oily with flavour, add the onions and garlic and leek, let it all get nice n soft then add a tea spoon of butter, mix it all about then add some Arborio rice to the pan, get the rice covered in oil and leave to warm for a min, then add a litre of veg stock along with cut up peppers, cut up broccoli and any other vegetables you wish to add, i'll be adding celery and asparagus. Cover for 5 min, then leave uncovered until all liquid is absorbed or evaporated. Get half a teaspoon of butter, stir it through the risotto then cover for 5 min to allow flavour to mix. Serve and enjoy.
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Might pop an olive or two in.. MMMM yum
I'm going to check in on this post, ,,

Could be a new recipe to play with.
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I luv risotto. One to try that's similar OZZY is chicken basque by delia.

Bit more like a Jambalaya - which is also one to try!
I like cooking

I love eating!!

Hate the cleaning up afterwards ;-(
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Yeah i feel ya :/ :( I don't have a dish washer either
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I like risotto because it's one chopping board and one pan :D I try to wash up as i go along also.
Spath. One pan? Surely you need a frying pan for the risotto and a pan for the stock?
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Question Author
the stock goes into the risotto rice so it can cook
No dishwasher Spath???

Spend some money or get yourself a compliant partner;-/
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you could just use water but i think that would be quite vile compared to a nice veg stock pot

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Spathies Risotto

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