Omelette Maker Recipes ?

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cleoval | 20:26 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | Food & Drink
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Hi, i have just bought an omelette maker but it didn't come with recipes for it. Can anybody kindly give me some please.? Thanks.


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I've never used one but I assume you have to cook any added ingredients first.

Me...a good non stick pan does the job.. I cook lots of omelettes.
Just google omelette recipe and you will get dozens my favourite and I eat it everyday is hame cheese and spring onion
Erm...don't you just put in the same ingredients as if you're using a pan?
I use strong cheddar, parmesan, spring onions, and sun dried tomatoes, plus chilli pepper, black pepper, and either salt or some Marigold Swiss powder.
I usually make bacon and mushroom which need cooking before adding the eggs. Then cheese on top.
an omelette is dead easy in a non-stick frying pan - it's just a question of patience to let it set before flicking it to fold over....pre-cook anything that needs it and chop up any veg etc - and don't forget the seasoning....
You dont need a recipe book. You just make your normal omelette mix, pour in to the machine and close the lid. You can add grated cheese, red and green peppers, mushrooms etc to the mix to taste, whatever you fancy in your omelette.
I don't flip omelettes.
There's a lot of ingredients you can add on egg to make your omelette. But some raw ingredients needs to be cooked first before adding it to the egg. Here's one of my kids' favorite.
Bacon and Mushroom with cheese.
..I need to fry bacon first though.

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Omelette Maker Recipes ?

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