Thickening Up A Curry

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chokkie | 18:25 Fri 25th Jan 2019 | Food & Drink
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Hi Foodie ABers out there ... I've just made a lovely (even though I say it myself) Lamb Massaman curry in the slow cooker - the aroma in the house is lovely! Thankfully, there's not too much liquid to deal with (I didn't put too much in the crock in the first place), but the liquid could really do with thickening up a bit. Any ideas about how I can thicken this up? The go-to answer would be to make a roux, but it doesn't seem quite the right thing for a curry. Would be grateful for some ideas, please. Cheers, Chox.


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Half a potato cooked into it until it dissolves?
any arrowroot in the house - failing that some cornstarch?
To thicken a curry I always use tomato puree
Ground almonds?
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Hi guys, thanks for your suggestions - much appreciated. I think I will try some arrowroot or some cornflour .... I'd rather not put any more fat in it than there is already (needs skimming), but really appreciate your help. Cheers, Chox.
Ifs isn't to late take meat out, make a quick sauce with some cornflower and butter that will thicken your curry.
I agree with the ideas given to you already but another one is to take the meat out & reduce the sauce - the good old fashioned way, it will also concentrate the flavours that are already in there

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Thickening Up A Curry

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