Anyone Watching Masterchef Professionals 2018?

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mightymouse | 19:54 Fri 14th Dec 2018 | Food & Drink
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As am avid foodie, I love this show. Now down to 4 finalists for next week, Matthew, Oli, Dean, and Laurence. All are terrific, but my money would be on Matthew. Complaint from the Daily Mail that the two black contestants were eliminated this week.......but they both made mistakes, this is not about race or colour, but about perfection. Any comments?


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I'm enjoying MasterChef. The Daily Mail stuff/angle doesn't merit a micro-second of my time!
Best Chefs are still in , in my view.
Matthew for me from the beginning. He's outstanding. The two black people were eliminated because they weren't as good as the others. No mystery. The Masterchef judges, in my opinion, are always fair.
ONe of the judges is black so thats one theory out of the window. Mathew to win -oh he is lovely! x
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Totally agree, Mamya. and also with you, Neveracrossword!
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Monica is not black! She is from Samoa, I think, a truly delightful lady, met her at her restaurant, MERE, in London.
I am enjoying this, I don't mind who wins.

I would rather stick pins in my eyes, just an opinion you understand.
Think it will be between Mathew and Dean. They have made the least mistakes over the whole show. The only bit that lets Mathew down is the invention type tests as he seems to work better when he has a sort of script to work to. These tests don't faze Dean as much. Saying that they are all very good and any of them would be a worthy winner.

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Anyone Watching Masterchef Professionals 2018?

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