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Maydup | 20:02 Sun 15th Apr 2018 | Food & Drink
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I make a berry cordial, (using berries I picked and froze in the autumn) and the recipe calls for cloves. I boil the berries, strain them, add sugar to the liquid with cloves, cinnamon, ginger and boil again before bottling.

I did this all the way to the end when I realise I had no cloves. Its Sunday and there are no shops open around here. I have made a quantity that we will drink over the next couple of months, so do I

Bottle it and hope for the best
Bottle it, buy cloves tomorrow and pop them in the top of the bottles
Buy cloves tomorrow and reboil it with cloves added?


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I'd buy cloves and reboil it myself but I imagine any of the options will be fine :)
Is clove an essential component?
I bet it would taste better without the cloves. ;)
Substitute whole bulbs instead.
I'd leave them out, cloves taste a bit like mouthwash to me.
I'd leave the cloves out also...they are not a favourite of mine.
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I assume the cloves are used as a preservative. Taste wise I'm happy to leave them out, but I wonder if the juice will keep for very long without them?
I just googled berry cordial recipes...none asked for cloves. In fact they were all without flavourings... except sugar and I doubt the cloves are required.
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I think I'll risk leaving the cloves out, although there is no alcohol in mine, I will keep the bottles in the cold shed and hope for the best.

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Berry Cordial

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