I;m Morbidly Obese Over 30St And Desperately Need Someone To Help Me

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mazbaileyz | 23:00 Sat 13th Jan 2018 | Food & Drink
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I;m over 30stone and i desperately need someone to help me, i'm depressed as hell and housebound, suffering with emphysema, PLEASE is there anyone out there who can help me, slimmiing world and weightwatchers didnt help


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Make contact with your GP who can put you in touch with the help you need.
The charity Hoop has both public and closed support groups on Facebook. (There are also just a handful of local support groups currently running):

Weight Concern is another charity that can help with losing weight:

More links, which might be of interest, here:
See here for a list of all the options which your GP might consider:

Charities which might help with your emphysema problems:
The path to where you wish to be is achieved by many small steps.

I'm saddened by your information that DW & WW didn't prove helpful. Maybe you first need to analyse why that was. Nothing is a magic formula, you have to dedicate yorself to the goal. Can you analyse what tripped you up on their schemes ? What will put you on the path to success ?
I have read recently of several people who were over thirty stone who successfully managed to reduce their weight considerably. One is now twenty stone and going down. Others have achieved greater weight loss. Don't despair, it's not too late. A positive, can do attitude is a good start. Do not punish yourself for occasional slips, your after a permanent life style change. Change your mind set, and the will power will accumulate.
Lots of sound advice for you there. The longest journey starts with a single step. You will need a lot of willpower and self discipline, but without it, nothing will change.

I wish you well on your journey.
Hi, firstly relax and don't panic it is not too late.
Got to your doctor ask for help and play the game.
Your right Slimming World and WW don't work any diet that turns round and tells you can eat a whole chicken or 10 yoghurts in a day as long as their certain types is wrong - I know I have done them and I ended up 31 stone.
OK not everyone can go down the route I did - I had surgery, its still hard work and not the easy route that some think it is.
Who lives with you at home? Who brings you your food? This is the first change you need to make is your attitude towards food.
3 meals and 2 healthy snacks and a 'naughty' snack. Diet should not be all about punishment.
You need all the food groups, you can change your diet as the weight starts to come off to one of the restriction diets - its all about small changes.
Come back and give us a bit more information and we can help some more xx
Sorry I had a further thoughts over this and want to add something to my original answer.

Its not going to be easy, you are going to have to fight and fight all the way, fight with the GP who will tell you to eat less, fight against society who will judge you, fight against the cravings and more importantly you will have to fight against yourself!
But you can do this, and believe me you will eventually turn a corner and you will realise more than anything else you can do this.
So if you want more help come back and I will sort someway out to help and support you xx
Do listen to islay. Shes been through it all and has shown amazing determination to get where she is. She is also the closest you will come to a mentor on here. I wish you well.
I have to say it's a bit strange that someone posted a question and hasn't been back once to even check for responses.

On a Saturday night too.
Mamy has it right here....go to your GP and have a heart-to-heart chat.
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It may be strange, but we are here to help someone get help, and have to assume it's an honest request.

Comments like Douglas's are not helpful.
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It can take a lot of courage to ask for help even on an anonymous website - Maz may well be reading the replies and considering her options.

I hope she does return as Islay could give good advice.
Now we may not see eye to eye, so to speak, but listen to Islay. She has done it, and is qualified to offer the best advice that you will find here. Ignore all the copy and paste, and links that are easy enough to find for any of us. You will find real encouragement here as long as you really want to change your habits. Just be wary of straying into News or " Chatterbank" whilst you are with us. Set up a Monthly post in the category that you feel is best suited( Others may advise you of the best one) and renew it on a monthly basis or it will disappear. Tell the people who respond about your difficulties and triumphs, and promise yourself that you have made the first move for change in your precious life.
" PLEASE is there anyone out there who can help me,"

No, there isn't.

Your only hope is bariatric surgery, so see you GP for the first step.
Lovely post Togo x
If its genuine, I'm sure the poster will be grateful for any advice, however it's not uncommon for trolls to post on a Saturday night.

Douglas - I got your point.

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