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EcclesCake | 16:06 Sat 30th Dec 2017 | Food & Drink
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What will you be serving up this weekend?

Hopefully the remnants of the turkey are long gone, if not, you have my sympathy.

Do any of you do anything special for New Year?


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We are going out to a friends tomorrow, he is cooking a gammon joint. Tonight is pulled pork.
At approx. 5pm I will be cooking a small pizza for himself, hopefully I will manage a slice, to be followed by a cheeseboard at around 730pm with gin and tonics.
Following my 630 drive through snow this morning we now have Sushi for tomorrow night which I will have saki and he will have some Japanese lager.
New Years day will be roast beef, mixed veg, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire pudding and mashed spuds and gravy for him, for me it will be a slice of beef and a yorkie and gravy!
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Once I have got rid of an unwanted visitor I will roll out the dough for a homemade pizza.

We don't do anything special for New Years Eve/Day. I don't recall anything special being served as a child other. Mr Cake is used to steak pie which he can continue to hanker for. As it is sunday tomorrow I might do o Eth get nice with a piece of beef.
Sausage pasta tonight apart from two of them who don't like it so they have tinned pasta and sausages. Tomorrow is a fry up for them and Monday will be roast beef dinner. Tonight I'm having a giant prawn cocktail.
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Hell only knows what the spell checker did there!
Eccles - New Years Day dinner in my mothers house used to be a big day - Gammon, roasties etc and left over Christmas crackers
Your spellchecker was obviously calling to me subliminally Eccles.
Tonight we're having fish, chips and peas, not from the chippy but not homemade either, more of a Costco/Birdseye fusion.
Tomorrow it will be an m&s Chinese meal deal from the freezer, and a bottle of Chandon pink fizz, our favourite fizz of all time.
New Year's Day will see us consuming sausage baguettes for lunch, a real treat as we so rarely have them.
We're not doing anything special tomorrow evening, probably have to stay up beyond when we'd prefer to go to bed due to fireworks unsettling the doggo.
Well we had a rather nice lunch in a bistro in Shrewsbury. Just about to put the glad rags on. No idea what's on the menu tonight. Tomorrow I'm just doing a selection of canapés, cheese and pate. Basically stuff that just involves opening packets.
Hi Eth good to see you - hope you had a good Christmas.
Try mango chutney on your sausage baguettes its lush
Indian Takeaway.

Only Tash and myself home over Christmas, so we carried on with normal meals as usual.
As of yesterday the world and his wife Plus one of their dogs have landed in preperation for NYE, always a big celebration for us.
We had a vote on it and are going for Beef, a very large piece of which is going to be started off later this evening or in the early hours.
There are 6 of us resident for the weekend and 2, possibly 4 joining us for meal and drinks.
Should be good.
Happy New year all.
Good to see you too Islay :)
Christmas was good, hope yours was too. Has to be tomato sauce with the sausage baguettes in this house, non of your fancy stuff...although I do love mango chutney so may just have to give your suggestion a go.
Just sent the dd back to London. We went out for drinks and tapas. Yum
On my own tomorrow so will do a prawn "something".
Working Monday am (boohoo), it's a "meatfeast" brunch for rough sleepers...donated KFC, sausages, bacon, beans, tomatoes and toast.
I know its your job pasta, but you will be very popular on Monday.
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A curry will be making an outing on Monday probably.

A homemade pizza is getting frazzled as I type.

Tomorrow may well be a lump of beef fillet with a peppercorn sauce, rosti potatoes and a veg medley. Might even push the boat out and do a pud.

A sausage (chipolata actually, detest sausages) sarnie/bap/whatever may well make an appearance over the weekend for lunch!

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