Pickling Onions

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percyveer | 09:52 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | Food & Drink
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A years ago I pickled some onions. The process involved soaking the onions overnight in brine - I think it was overnight. I cannot remember how much salt and water was used. Help appreciated as time is getting short. Many thanks


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I make pickled onions every year.....usually lots! As I peel them I put them in a bucket (any pot will do!) and just shake a load of salt over them...salt from the large containers they come in when you buy salt. I never measure and I don't put them in brine. After salting each layer and a final sprinkle then they are covered and put in a cool place for 24/36 hours.
I'm sorry i can't answer your question, but i'm just here to appreciate Gherkins and Pickled Onions, Big Up!

Pork Pie, Gherkin, Picked Onion, some Cheese and Chutney maybe a few Italian meats, couple crisps and you've got the worlds best platter...
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Thanks folks. Thanks for the salt tip, if it works for you it will work for me Mally. The platter is appealing, my next venture is going to be making a pork pie.
I've not made pickled onions for years but I do make piccalilli and other pickles every year and you need to draw the water from the veg to keep it crunchy. So whatever you do don't soak them in water. Covering them liberally in salt and leaving overnight draws the water out. In the morning rinse off the salt and dry off and add pickling mixture.
You have my mouth watering! you must let us know how the pork pie gets on!
Surely keeping veg crunchy is what folk get wrong ?
I'm good for both OG!

If i go to my grandparents, my Broccoli is much softer than it is at my mothers!

All delicious!
Yes, overnight would be sufficient.Also add brown sugar,dry mustard powder and a generous glass of dry sherry to the vinegar Proper Job.
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Many thanks for all the tips and advice. I will not be here over Christmas but I am already looking forward to them when I get back. Thanks again.

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Pickling Onions

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