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ethandron | 14:08 Fri 08th Jul 2016 | Food & Drink
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...well, actually in an hour, we're out to friends for a few cocktails and a meal. The sun's shining, should be an enjoyable afternoon/evening. I think tomorrow will be a quiet day...
You up to anything nice today or tomorrow? Any plans food wise??


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I'm glued to Wimbledon so will be having a treat and getting a Chinese takeaway delivered later so I don't miss anything.

Salt and pepper chicken wings and rice is the plan.

Hope you have a lovely afternoon and evening.
We're also having a chinese takeaway as off on holiday Monday and minimizing the shopping. I shall spend the weekend tidying the house for the burglars.
Lol Prudie...why do we do that? I always change my bed when I go on holiday just to come home and it's been slept in!!!
Question Author
Thanks Eve, enjoy the tennis and your Chinese.
Prudie, I do the same, in fact I go further and leave it scrubbed and sparkling for them too.
Ha ha prudie :)) why do we do that lol.

I'm off to Cardiff to see Wales team homecoming today and tomorrow quiet night in with an Indian takeaway.
I'm going out for a curry tonight and then round to a friend's house tomorrow night for wine and pizza
Curry takeway & recorded tennis catchup....some have to work to keep chancellor
I was suppose to be going out but I'm not now :-(
Like Eve I am glued to the tennis. But have made a batch of beef and jalapenos burgers and will have with wedges on the side.

I could do with a nice cocktail now!! Enjoy your afternoon.
I was going to have a lazy curry out of a jar, but I am feeling really lazy and may ring for a delivery instead.

Tomorrow will be a day of slobbing as Mr Cake is out for the day and I simply cannot be asked to do owt. Perhaps there will be some leftover curry to have in front of the TV tomorrow?

Enjoy your cocktails and supper.

Question Author
Curry seems to be a favourite for a Friday night. Hope you all enjoy yours, be they out of a jar (tut), home made from scratch (impressive) or a takeaway delivery (lazy, but why not).
Sharon, what cocktail would you choose? Mine would be either margarita or English garden. Our friends are keen on cocktails but tend to make them up, a bit hit and miss.
Ethandron, I would love a properly made mojito!!!
Had lovely crab sandwiches and a large glass of rose in a Lynmouth pub at lunchtime, pasty tonight. Bodyboarding or hiking tomorrow then several glasses of Cava and staying over at someone's house tomorrow night. Not sure about Sunday yet.
Not doing very much at all this weekend. I've had a very busy week and need to recharge my batteries.

Chicken, chips and peas for tea with a crusty baguette so's I can make a lovely chip butty. Looking forward to that.

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