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Very Strange Food From Leftovers

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Mosaic | 19:49 Tue 29th Dec 2015 | Food & Drink
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Well it was easier to list what wasn't in that fry-up. The line-up began with cold boiled sprouts and went on from there. The really good thing is the leftovers are no longer, and we're no longer hungry, nor likely to have much of an appetite for a while. Hic.


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I love making bubble and squeak from leftovers. I seldom waste anything.
Could be as windy indoors as out then!
I love left overs from a big meal....all the yumptiousness and hardly any effort.
I've got bubble tonight. Loads of spuds, sprouts, carrots and spinach with a fried agg and maybe a couple of sausages.

Best meal ever.
My mother in law was a snob who also considered Bubble the food of the poor peasants. Always first to have her snout in the trough when I dished it out on Boxing day.
Retro - how was the gammon? I'm using mine up tonight cubed up into some pasta with tomato and marscapone sauce, with a few onions mushrooms and peppers thrown in - a muck up in the Dixie but nice
I made sprout soup - yumm
Thanks Margo
Looked good and tasted wonderful.Every one was highly complementary.Big joint that flew off the carving plate. No leftovers there. A must again next year.Finishing Turkey tonight in Mulligatawny soup
As usual I bought far too much food but not one bit of it will be wasted - nor will we be having strange concoctions. All the meat (turkey, beef and gammon) was sliced and packed into portions big enough for two people then put in the freezer. Then when I want some I shall just warm it up with gravy (the turkey and beef that is). Tonight we are having gammon and pineapple with dauphinoise potatoes and glazed carrots - and every bit of it is leftover. New Year's Day will be turkey, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, sprouts, cauliflower cheese to which I shall add some mashed potatoes. I will be able to pretend Ive been cooking all day when in fact I've just done a bit of defrosting and warming up. I have, however, had sausage rolls for breakfast a couple of days this week, and very nice they were too!
Retro - glad you liked it. That's the last of my leftovers, well apart from cheeses, biscuits, crisps etc and some of those I shall offload on to my son to take into school to put in the staff room. Must get back on the diet next week!
Diet. Bah Humbug. :-)

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Very Strange Food From Leftovers

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