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Vinegar Bottle

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shivvy | 00:37 Sun 27th Jan 2013 | Food & Drink
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My malt vinegar bottle has nearly run out and I have just noticed that they are no longer made to be refillable ie the flip-top lid no longer unscrews.
So I decided to buy a greasy cafe type vinegar shaker but then wondered about them not having lids and the vinegar going stale when open to the air.
Other vinegar bottles tend to be the type found in oil and vinegar sets and although they have little stoppers, I have always found that they pour out too much vinegar.

Does anyone know of a vinegar bottle that doesn't pour and has a lid/stopper?



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Some of the bottle with stoppers are designed for you to turn the bottle and fill the stopper with the vinegar...then it sprinkles.
At the price, why not just buy another bottle of Sarsons, and recycle the old bottle.

It's hardly going to break the bank.
Question Author
Not too sure what you mean ummmm. is the stopper a sprinkler?

Hopkirk - it isn't a cost issue. I would rather buy something that I can use again and again rather than recycling every bottle.
Oh OK, but I find that old vinegar bottles go all grimy and horrible inside.
Question Author
But they can be washed!!!
Shivvy - I thought you meant a vinegar bottle like you get at a restaurant.

I had one with a glass hollow stopper. You tipped the vinegar into the stopper by tipping the bottle back and used the stopper to sprinkle your chips.

Does that make sense? :-/
Question Author
Sort of!!

Are they commonly available? Don't suppose you could post a pic or a link of one?
I couldn't find any by searching :-( I don't even know where we got ours (which we no longer have) used to get them in places like Beefeater...
Bit like this. The stopper has a small hole in the bottom and the stopper fills up.;ei=oHMEUc-ENYmO5AaaloHQDw&ved=0CBQQrhI
Question Author
I never knew that that was how those bottles were supposed to be used! I always just used the stopper to half plug the opening so that not too much came out. I would swear that they are nearly always solid glass stoppers though.
Yea, some are solid and some are hollow. Your pour the vinegar when making dressings and use the stopper when you just want to sprinkle :-)
Great prices on that one Shaney.
Question Author
Who knew ummm!!

Oh well found shaney.
Sarsons do a malt vinegar with a sprinkler, it's in a shapely bottle
Question Author
Any ideas where I can see it Iluvspikey?
Every supermarket, Shivvy.

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Vinegar Bottle

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