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LDC134 | 15:11 Wed 12th Dec 2012 | Food & Drink
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I'm currently trying to eat a carb free lunch and have been alternating a plain salad (lettuce, cucumber, pepper, sweetcorn, olives and tomatoes) with either salmon or smoked mackerel. Trouble is, after 3 months of this, I am pretty bored with it now and looking for some alternative lunch ideas - especially anything hot - which is still carb free.

I only have access to a microwave at work.

Do you have any suggestions ?


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I'm no good with diets or microwaves for that matter, but if you have a kindle, this may be useful
Think you can eat almost any lean meat or fish (including seafood) as well as cheeses. I got a bit bored because i like my foods covered in some kind of dressings or sauce and that was usually a no go
You could make soup. Leek with a stock blitzed down would be low carb.
Any meat,cheese,egg or fish based dishes. Try crustless quiche/Italian frittata,tinned fish like kippers or sardines,cold chicken,etc.
As for your current salad-sweetcorn is quite high in carbs.
I'd second frittata, that's a really nice lunch.
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Thank you so much for answers and ideas so far - keep them coming !
Pastafreak - i am only adding a teaspoon of sweetcorn so I think that should be ok - it's 'carb-free' to avoid bread and pasta mainly.
Thanks again to you all
Just had a gammon steak with a couple of fried eggs. Very tasty.

"Carb free" isnt entirely true. Reduced or low carb diets work fine, you would be suprised what you have to cut out to become Carb Free!!

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