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starone | 21:09 Wed 03rd Oct 2012 | Food & Drink
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I have a friend who owns a fish and chip shop. No-one wanted the Hoki fish he wanted to sell so he has given me a large box containing a lot of Hoki fish in a solid chunk of ice. It seems the fish were frozen on the ship when they were caught, so immediate freezing. However when I had a good look it said on the side of the box 'frozen on 23.3.2007'. That is five years. What are the chances of them being all right to eat, when defrosted and cooked? Is it worth taking a chance and eating them or shall I dispose of them - somebody's cat might like them. I hate to waste good food but don't want to die of food poisoning.


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After defrosting I would use the 'nose test' with caution.
Bin it .starbuck its crap.
BIN BIN BIN :) Jeeze cant believe he was gonna sell it in his shop!
Not even panther crap.......
dt look at jokes irish women and see if I deserved this please
No you don't and responded accordingly; honestly, some folk...............
Euwwwww no no no. I ve not seen hoki for years i used to love it. Lovely steamed with soy and ginger
Good on hairy Shanghai crabs too, mcfluffy
Definately bin it!

I was given a small chicken at christmas once from one of my customers, who gave it to me as if she was giving me a gold bar! When i got home i discovered it was 7 years out of date. (She had pulled it out of the bottom of her freezer to give it to me!) Im afraid that got binned too!
I know she meant well though!
Dont do hairy crabs dt :-)
Birds Eye Use Hoki in their frozen meals. I'm not sure of the date though. LOL
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Right it is in the bin. Thanks to everyone who answered.
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Sibton - if you are still here - I have had a look at your posts in the Irishwoman joke and I cannot understand people at all. I have had some jokes sent to me which I know are very funny but I cannot post them for fear of upsetting someone. If you cannot laugh at yourself you are singularly humourless, so don't worry, we have all had nasty remarks directed at us. I know DT is supportive to you, and so am I.
I worked in the food industry for 10 years after I finished at the pit and it certainly opened my eyes as regards to all this date crap. Cakes were regularly stored in the deep freeze for months then packed and dispatched when needed, with all the dates running for when they were packed not made and frozen.When I queried this the I was shown the documents which were in force at the time and as long as they were stored below certain temperatures it was all legal.
Still the same paddy.

We take bakery items out of the freezer at work and the sell by date we use from then on in is from the date they're taken out.

I'd have defrosted it and done the 'nose test' as Howard suggested- what a waste of food!
Just checked a government site. apparently fish frozen for a long time will not be harmful, just unpalatable. Why not defrost, cook a small amount in the microwave, see how disgusting it tastes. If it is OK, use the rest to make up some meals which can then be refrozen quite safely. I agree it is a shame to waste free food. Fish pie is a good thing to make for freezing....Or, as you suggest, find someone with a soon to be grateful cat.
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Thanks for your suggestions and as I have only put a small amount out at the moment - it is rather a lot to go out all at once - I shall try some of them. When defrosted they did not smell at all, just ordinary fishy, not strong, but I was afraid to eat them just in case. Apparently they were offered ages ago when he first bought them but have been in the deep freeze for a long time.
defrost, smell and then give to the local cats protection league

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