Vivandorron..another one pot

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ethandron | 17:13 Wed 03rd Oct 2012 | Food & Drink
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I know how much you enjoyed the chicken basque and are always looking for other one pot meals so thought you might enjoy this too. I'm on the iPad and haven't got the hang of posting links yet but if you put in and then search for fresh borlotti bean, tiger prawn and chorizo horneado you'll find the recipe.
Haven't made it myself but a relative served it up for us the other evening and it was absolutely delicious, she served it with couscous. Hope you enjoy it, am going to add it to my repertoire :)


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I have a book called "One Pot Meals" from The Works cheapo bookshop. Dozens and dozens of recipes - well worth getting for 99p.
Clarissa Dixon Wright did one too, a fair bit more expensive I expect.
Hi ethandron......My apologies for missing this posting and a thank you for drawing my attention to it, via my 'Firefox' thread, in the Technology section. Incidentally, I intend replying appropriately to you in my thread.

Now to your posting, hereby.... If the recipe is as good as the 'Chicken Basque', Viv and I will certainly enjoy it and intend collecting all the necessary ingredients and giving it a try.

Viv and I are keeping ok and hope you are likewise. We know nothing about iPads but, from what we have heard people say, they take a bit of patience to master. The link you wished to post is:-


Best wishes.....Ron.
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Glad you're both okey dokey :) and thanks for putting the link up for me.
A little tip...for ease and convenience use tinned borlotti beans. Also, the bread chunks on the one we had were quite big, maybe a quarter of a thick slice of a large loaf, the picture makes them look more like small croutons but the big chunks were really nice.
Will get back to you on your own tech thread. x
I'll not have any problems with the bread. Most Sundays I make a tinned loaf of Ciabatta....albeit from a packet of ready prepared flour.

Thanks for your thoughts and helpfulness....Ron.
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Ooh Ron, that bread sounds perfect.
I do so hope you enjoy this as much as we did, its one of the best one pot things I've come across, so tasty. Our hostess used one large shallow dish rather than four small ones.
Enjoy x
At the risk of my posting being regarded as advertising and subjected to 'Answer Removed', I will tell you that I buy a packet of 'Wrights' Ciabatta Flour mix and sometimes add to it about 50 grams of Sunflower seeds or a few ounces of grated cheese. Viv and I call it breakfast bread, because it is delicious when toasted and spread with butter and marmalade...or our favourite... Peanut butter and Marmalade. It is also perfect for savoury sandwiches....Egg, tuna, ham, etc.


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Vivandorron..another one pot

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