Courgette soup

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coccinelle | 10:40 Mon 15th Aug 2011 | Food & Drink
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Not a question but a recipe for lovely courgette soup to use your glut up.

Fill your pressure cooker up to 3/4 with sliced courgettes, add a sliced onion, 4 medium sized potatoes (sliced), a stock cube, salt and pepper and add about 1/2 litre of water. Cook (either on pressure or not) then liquidise and add either a triangle or two of dairylea cheese or some philadelphia. It really is nice.

Hope someone finds this helpful.


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I will definitely give it a go, thank you coccinelle
Thanks for that, it sounds lovely.
Some garlic and dried basil in mine - and you can use Cheddar at the end. Just a minor tweak!
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I agree that the basil would give it another taste and be a change.
Good, useful recipe... here in the U.S., in small town rural society, August is the only month of the year one has to lock their car when parked. If you don't you'll return to find the car loaded with the uniquely organoleptic vegetable is known here as zucchini...
i don't have a pressure cooker, but i do have a glut of courgettes. Going to make some courgette bahjis tonight and courgettes cakes tomorrow
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I would tend to fry off the onions first otherwise it can be a little acrid.
pass me the sick bowl, Alice.

Not a great fan of the Z/C - and broad beans are even worse.....

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Courgette soup

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