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Waiting times in your Doctors Surgery

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AB Editor | 13:37 Thu 18th Feb 2010 | Family & Relationships
16 Answers
Do you find that you have to wait a long time in your doctors for an appointment? Even if you make the effort to be there on time or even a little early do you still have to wait?

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  • I usually have to wait less than 30 minutes. - 22 votes
  • 42%
  • I usually never have a problem. - 16 votes
  • 30%
  • I usually have to wait more than 30 minutes. - 15 votes
  • 28%

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My doctor's surgery never runs on time! They also do not adhere to the rule of giving you an appointment within 48 hours of requesting one, the longest time I had to wait was almost 2 weeks from asking for the appointment to being seen.
ours is quite good we have a little surgery in the village that i live, sort of offshoot of the main one and they have appointments starting at 7.30, so i can get the early one go in and stillg et ot owrk on time. luckily i don;t have to go very often
I rang for a doctor's appointment last one on Tuesday and went in 25 minutes late..........
We have 6 GP's at our Medical Centre and the Staff and District Nurses are very good also. Have not had any problems so far but fortunately don't visit Doctor very often as at present my Health is pretty good, touch wood .
Hi Ed, daffy, fluffy and my little lovely crafty minx xxx

( sorry Ed, just a "high 5" for you, as i was never )

I just voted B....on average, I tend to go in about 10-15 mins late if he/she's running a bit late........nurses though, are always well on time at my surgery. :0)
I nearly always have to wait for more than half an hour. This I dont mind, because my doctor does not stick to the "each appointment is for 10 minutes only" rule. She always has time to listen, and never makes you feel as if she is in a rush. None of the other patients I have ever spoken to seem to mind either .
I don't usually have to wait too long, but trying to get an appointment is terrible. You have to phone between 8.30 and 9am and you can only make an appointment for that day, but the line is constantly engaged. If you are trying to get ready or get the kids off to school it's impossible as you can sit hitting re dial for half an hour only to be told they have no appointments left and you'll need to try the next day. I blame all the people who have BT ringback!
My doctor always runs horribly late but that's because she is wonderful. I din't think she ever gets a lunch because she is always playing catch-up. The surgery was also incredibly good when I was nursing my terminally Dad. Nothing was too much trouble.
we have a walk in clinic you just queue up and wait .it gets very busy and you could wait for 2hrs.i think there should be emergency appontments if there is a cancelation but they wont do that.I had a caesarian and i was home on day 2 and on day 3 i had an allergic reaction to elastaplast the midwife phoned the doctors to get me an appointment but they told her i would have to queue like everyone else ,then when my baby was 3months old he got chickenpox badly and i took him to the walk in we had to queue for an hour ,other patients kept muttering and moaning about my baby and his spots but i thought well if the surgery dont care about us waiting in a queue with a young baby and chicken pox why should i!!Then when my baby was 18 months he got swine flu his temp was so high my hubby took him to the walk ,in clinic. again he had to queue but that time after 30mins the receptionist realized he was poorly and went and asked for him to be seen quicker ,which was just as well as he was whisked off in an ambulance soon after that.
If I want to see my own doctor it is often difficult to get an appointment, especially as he is the most popular doc. at the practice. However, you can phone him and speak to him or, if he is busy, he will phone you back. Can always have an appointment with another doctor on the same day I call in though.

I often have to wait to see my doc on the day of the appointment because he doesn't rush people and is thorough. So I don't mind waiting.

So no real complaints.
Can get an appointment on the same day and waiting time is no longer than 15 minutes, whereas where I used to live the docs was like Heathrow arrival lounge
Never go to a Doctor whose Office Plants have died. :-)
I try to avoid the surgery if I possibly can; most ailments go on their own anyway and the waiting room is full of ill people! If you want a cold or flu go to your doctor's.
There is always a wait, but I'm greatful I can go to my surgery and be seen that day if I need to be. Not all surgeries do this, some having to wait weeks. So can't grumble really!
I book my Doctors appointments OnLine,and I usually never have to wait more than 5 minutes over that time to see him.
I can also order repeat prescriptions OnLine too.
The longest I usually have to wait for an (OnLine) Appointment is one day,but if I need a more urgent one I can ring,and they are always very helpful.
I get the feeling though that my surgery is unusual (going by the above?)

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Waiting times in your Doctors Surgery

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