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5yr old with knotty hair.

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hannah40 | 22:37 Thu 18th Feb 2010 | Family & Relationships
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has anyone any ideas how to get knots out of my 5yrolds hair i have a battle with her every morning trying to brush it as it is so knotty.thanks


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I tell my 2 year old the knots will hurt her head if mummy doesn't get them out, nasty knots! Works a treat she runs to me saying 'mummy get the knots out get the knots out!' Start at the bottom of the hair whilst holding above and work your way up to the roots, then it doesn't tug and hurt them. x
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Get some detangling spray. There are various makes. Here is one of them.
Perhaps you could use one of those anti-tangle shampoos which make the hair less static? (doesn't help you get the knots out in the first place though...) if she brushed it herself that might encourage her to keep it smooth, rather than you doing it?
maybe try some 'leave in' conditioner, I used to get some from Avon when my daughter was young and had knotty hair in the mornings, I used it every time I washed her hair, it worked at treat! don't know if they still do it, but worth a look!.................
Does she have long hair ? If so you could try plaiting it at night before she goes to bed that is what I used to do with my grandaughter when she was staying with me and we had the same problem.
Detangling shampoo and spray(most supermarkets do their own brands), and if that doesn't work use Boots coconut leave in conditioning spray too. I used to have a battle with my daughter every morning with me trying to get the knots out and her crying that it was sore. After I started using these, there wasn't a problem anymore and it improved my whole day (there's nothing worse than fighting with your kids then not seeing them all day - makes you feel like cr@p)
my daughter has long curly hair and used to be in tears every morning - so i sympathise!
Now we brush it at night and put it in a loose bun or pony.
And always brush from the bottom up!
i also recommend the tangle teazer, like tamborine.

Its great on tangly hair
Oh how I know where you're coming from Hannah! As I have exactly the same problem with my 5 year old. Infact she runs when I get the brush out :-(

I've found the best way is to lather it in conditioner when shes in the bath and brush it whilst she's sat there. If you put enough conditioner in it, you can even get a comb through it.
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thanks for all the advice i will try it all.thanks again Hannah

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5yr old with knotty hair.

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