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Could I be pregnant?

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SpotlessMind | 08:12 Mon 31st Aug 2009 | Family & Relationships
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Sorry if this is too detailed. I just wanted an accurate response so I figured I'd have to give all the details.

so, I had my last period on the 26th of July. I then had sex for the first time on the 12th of August. We used a condom. He did come and though it was both of our first times, I'm pretty positive the condom was used correctly. I did not bleed like I thought I would after sex but exactly 10 days afterward I spotted a little. I have never spotted before between periods and to add to it's oddness it was brownish and mucus-like. Possibly implantation bleeding? Well that stopped that very same day and a week later my period was due and didn't come. My period is now a week past due and is typically right on schedule. I have been having slight nausea throughout the day that gets better with eating but have always had problems with nausea my whole life and feel it is not much more than normal. I have been experiencing bad cramping as if I am on my period though, and it is difficult for me to sleep. So, I took a pregnancy test three days ago but it came out negative.

So which seems more likely? I'm pregnant or I'm not?
I felt that likelyhood of both the condom not working and the pregnancy test not working and me still being pregnant is very low. But once I read up on implantation bleeding and more about pregnancy signs i'm not so sure. If i'm not pregnant what else could be going on with my body?

thanks for your help!


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from what you have said the chances of you being pregnant seem unlikely, pregnancy tests are rarely ever wrong.sometimes stress can cause your period to be late. I would check it out with your gp if it has not arrived after 2 weeks
No barrier method is 100% safe, of course, but Cazzz is right - you're most likely not pregnant and are worrying so much about it that it's stopping your period from arriving. You don't say how old you are, but if you're still young then your body may still be settling into a pattern - you could be as regular as clockwork for months and then your periods go haywire for a while.

As Cazzz says, give yourself another couple of weeks and if you're still worried, speak to your doctor. And try not to worry. ;-)

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Could I be pregnant?

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