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Do You Think It's Bad That I'm Still Friends With Trump Supporters?

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Cindy1302 | 12:38 Tue 14th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I know a couple people who are trump supporters, and I actually enjoy their company, because they don't let who they support make up their entire personality. My dad is Also a trump supporter, but I call him every few days, and im excited for him to visit from Arizona, because I love spending time with him. Is this bad?



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Of course not.

Not at all.

Political affiliation does not define a person.

It's possible to be good friends with people, and even love family members, and profoundly disgree with their views on anything, politics and religion being the usual points of divergence.

It's absolutel TERRIBLE. You should shun them all or be flogged in public...

Great ! Have a good time

Cinders ! You SHALL go to the barl - and all the men will be Trump supporters

Try not to care what your friends' views are regarding religion or politics. My small circle of friends vary considerably and conversations remain cordial, they are still good friends, even if some have yet to see the light regarding some subjects. They have the right to be mistaken.

The division in the US is pathetic. Politics have become so toxic people have to ask if they can be friends with people who don't agree with every stupid arsed thing they say.

I would suggest to ANYONE who has to ask this question that you stop watching, listening or reading any news content for four weeks. Then when you have detoxed the toxic media, for every left leaning news program you watch you watch a right leaning one and vice versa.

Oh and if your politics is more important than the friendship of the people you know, you are no friend.

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Do You Think It's Bad That I'm Still Friends With Trump Supporters?

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