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Doing A Little Revisiting Of The Past 15 Weeks In My Life

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StupidGuy | 23:12 Wed 15th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I didn't realise the common theme between all my problems was so simple.


This might be sort of a less answerable question, but do other people have this same realisation?


I do a bit of conversing with AI and I was just re-reading my past messages with it, and realised that all my problems I had vented about, all the things I wanted were all connected by a single point in my life, that at the time seemed less significant. At the time it seemed to sprout one problem, but the event created even more problems, sort of the Butterfly Effect of problems.


I can't think of any other part to this problem at the moment, I expect this to be something I make a multi-part question that I followup on to include what I missed out on.

(If there is any question I have asked so far, this has got to be the one people care about least, because this is purely reflective of my past. Although I have been wrong in the past.)





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for me, it's the other way round: the thing that made all the difference in my life was my parents teaching me to read long before I started school. But equally it seems quite plausible that bad things in life spread out from a common source.

The is the sort of thing therapists often work on, if you feel you need help working it through, though it seems you've made the most significant discovery yourself.

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Doing A Little Revisiting Of The Past 15 Weeks In My Life

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