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What Do I Say To That Man?

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abbeylee90 | 13:42 Mon 22nd Jan 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I guess you know I mean guy from dogs home but he sent me message asking if I wany to go for lunch this week and I haven't replied. We'll someone at dogs home who use to work with him said be very careful as he is a perv and arrogant got a thing with blondes and disabled people. Yesterday I was walking and he pulled over he got a new car so didn't recognise him straight away so from there he gave me a lift and asked has anything changed in my life as I don't come out no more and not myself I said no. What do I say now to this?



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Abbey/  Maybe it's just been a long day but, for someone who has good grades in English, I fail to understand why you write in such a manner - difficult to grasp just what you mean.

"I can say no but very may question "

What does that mean abbey?

I think  that I am going to stop responding to your questions, Abby.  I remember that you said you were 'Good at Social Media'.  Maybe you have misinterpreted the word 'good' (or perhaps it is  me).  You seem to think that generating lots of responses is the aim in itself, no matter what is said. I wasn't sure what you meant at first, now I see the waste of time you mean.

I, and many others, have given you good advice on several subjects.  You appear  to either not read the advice or to  skim-read and then ignore.

So, despite my strong instincts to try to help you, I can't really see much point in continuing to respond as I have done.  If you have a problem I will give my opinion - but that is it, in future.

Either act on advice - or don't bother.  No-one wants to discuss it for hours on end.


Not just a good grade it was the top grade- better than I think most of us oldies got. It must be either bad habits after years of text speak or rushing to post something, anything, without really thinking

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Can say no but no idea how he will respond 


How he resoonds is not your problem abbey, especially if you make it clear you don't want hom to contact you.

I can't  help wondering if you're still flattered by his attentions (and ours) and would like the situation to go on and on

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No I couldn't stop thinking I should be doing all this with a guy my own age who I'm dating 

"doing all this"?

If you're not interested in him you shouldn't be doing it at all, regardless of whether you have a guy of your own age


Be polite and say something like

I'm not going out much as I'm trying to save money

Thanks for the offer of a lift, but I'm trying to keep my steps up (if you've got a fitness tracker)


You have had months and months to say "no" to this man, but on and on it goes.

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No I've just thought maybe say I don't like eating to close to tea time as he think I still thinks I works 5 days and got plans weekend.


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Abbey, I think your reluctance to take any of the advice given is really getting to people now. Why ask if you're going to carry on doing the same thing over and over again? You don't need to make up excuses, justify yourself, to the old guy- but for some reason you're happy to keep communicating with him, interacting with him. Good luck with that - and with the rest of the (more real) problems in your life.

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I said no and he still said let me know 

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Dave that link is taking me straight to Google 

Block his number, Abbey.

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If he comes down dogs home to give out sausages he might ask why 

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