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What Do I Tell The Man From The Dog's Home?

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abbeylee90 | 19:33 Fri 12th Jan 2024 | Family & Relationships
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The man I know from dogs home anyway he  doesn't come down anymore as he won't wear a hi vi's of theirs, he hasn't been for a month and this morning hemessaged me  saying dog walking off until Monday due to kennel cough and I said he don't go down there no more and said he been down twice this week but not to walk dogs. I just brought up in conversation I drove round by where we've been yesterday. He messaged back and said ''We been loads of places, before you became mrs the answers NO, now what's the question". Truth is I'm focusing on new things in life like hoping to find a man so he would have to get use to it anyway as can't see me hanging out with him if that was to happen.


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I don't understand the question

Sorry, I 'moight' not have checked my typing!

We usually get there after about 50 posts on a thread, bluefortress. 

@17.09.No-one on AB understands abbeys questions,bf.She has problems with her parents,she has problems with her(elderly)boyfriends(who wont leave her alone),and now she has problems with her dog-walker,who she is not sure if he loves her or if she loves him,etc,etc...

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