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Do I Meet Him?

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abbeylee90 | 12:31 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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This guy was om about meeting up with meet up with me tomorrow he wanted to go cinema I said as I haven't met him we don't know if it will work then today he showed a rude pic so not sure what he is in for 



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You must know you shouldn't go out with this man.

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I don't find that funny

it wasn't specifically meant to be funny, tinder et all is great for people who want to shortterm hook up, rather than become girlfriend and boyfriend.  The guy is signalling his intentions by (presumably) sending dikkpiks.  It may well be that this suits abbey too, and if it does, perhaps she should meet him

Abby, are you for real??

Abbey/ Was this the day for your theory driving test?   If so,how did you get on?

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No I am looking to settle down and I have blocked him.

'Looking to settle down' might scare a lot of men away! 

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I say see where things go 

That's true, Abbey - but men seem to have been thin on the ground for you recently!

DO NOT MEET HIM. He's a wrongun

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I been on 2 dates from dating apps and its not worked 

Showing a rude picture can be seen as an offence (like indecent exposure) so a word with the police wouldn't be out of order.

show the picture to your mother, and see what she thinks.

No, No and No  again.  Howmany times do you need telling?

Please do not tell us that you quite happily let men you meet have sex with you.  Have a bit of a  sense of self-worth.

Just ask your Mum - she would not be happy with your behaviour.  I know she disapproves of a lot of your actions and worries about you. Listen to her - and us, please.

Have nothing to do with these men.  YOU ARE BEING GROOMED.  When they sexually assault you (which they will, at the first opportunity) you will get little or no sympathy from your work colleagues, if you have been associating with them, after they clearly showed their intentions by producing rude pictures for you to look at. 

Have a bit of common sense and protect yourself.  

//Please do not tell us that you quite happily let men you meet have sex with you.  Have a bit of a  sense of self-worth.//

Jourdain, I think you are jumping to the wrong conclusion here. She has had 2 dates, doesn't mean that anything ontoward has happened, also she has already blocked that other person

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