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Would This Be Weird?

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abbeylee90 | 20:53 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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This guy from my voluntary work asked me to go to the pub with him and his mate I don't if it weird sitting with 2 old men or be awkward. I know this may seem strange asking this. 



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The only weird thing about it is you thinking it is weird.

2 Sugar Daddies now - how wonderful 😀   😀   😀   

Is one of them the older man that gives you lifts, takes you for lunch and buys you gifts?

Abbey, if you wish to go then do so, if not, then politely decline, stop overthinking things x 

Question Author

Barry yes only gives lifts atm I don't with just him but his friend there was thinking 

^to be continued abbey? What was he thinking about?

So you think 60 (which you said the older man at kennels is) is "old"?

Wbich top did you choose for Christmas as you didn't reply to suggestions yesterday?

Question Author

I still haven't chosen anything yet.

I keep thinking of the futre what would change there if I got a boyfriend going out with that man wise?

Come on Haz, of course 60 is old, and I'm positively fossilised at 81 😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   

I thought you had decided not to go out with the older man...Is his mate definitely the same age 60-ish, or is the mate a young man he wants to introduce to you or maybe show his mate who you are. It does sound a bit odd ( not weird,just odd) just my thoughts

Question Author

His mate is his age

Maybe he's plantin kidnapping you and selling you 

Come on Canary - 60 isn't old! 🐤  🐤

Age doesn't really have a lot to do with  it, if there is a genuine relationship. e.g. I'm 74, Mr. J2 is 90.  You both have  to make different allowances, be ready to adjust and not be squeamish, that's all.

But, by the way you are  posting, this is not the case with you.

If  these guys are mates, and that is what it sounds like, then just go and enjoy your evening in the pub. 'Old' doesn't really matter.  If you get alopng  with them, then go.  

Stop worrying about your image all the time is one of the best bits of advice I can give you.  Be yourself - if you like them, go!


Look at this way Abbey ... double drinks all round 😊

Are you allowed to take one of your female friends with you ? Would that make it easier for you to decide ?

120 in darts is Shanghai.


Just saying.

Abbey, is this man  the one that you say 'seems obsessed' with you?  You've told us before about him being a bit 'weird', people saying he's a 'man's man' and all sorts of things. You seem to veer from one viewpoint to another!

I think it's odd, I wouldn't.

If you're really worried about what other pub-goers might think - don't worry.  They'd probably think you were a daughter of one of them ...not, of course, if it was your local where everyone knows you!

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