I’am I Lesbian?? If I’am Married But Like Women

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ssskinner | 18:56 Fri 20th May 2022 | Family & Relationships
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I’am so confused so I have always been attacked to women but have dated men I was married to a man and had kids just never felt right I got divorced and married a man I have known my whole life together we have kids I have always considered myself as bisexual but for years now I have not felt like that’s who I’am don’t get me wrong I love my husband but I don’t find other mean attractive I manly like women more I’am I lesbian?? If I like women more than men I have really only been in love and attracted to the man I’am married with know the past relationship I never felt like myself.


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Don't worry abut labels and rights or wrongs, just go with your heart and your nature. Are you happy to stay with your husband or do you feel a need to escape?
if you have fist fights with the woman/women next door then the answer is 'yes'
otherwise no
if you can put a rugby player to flight ( black or white: doesnt matter) by words alone then then yes
if you can knock them out, deffo yes
user inactive so I suppose she has decided the answer is no

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I’am I Lesbian?? If I’am Married But Like Women

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