Will People View Me As Strange For This?

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Raidergal2022 | 19:53 Thu 19th May 2022 | Family & Relationships
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I feel a bit like people will feel that I’m
odd and will be secretly laughing at me etc

Basically I like to keep pet rodents hamsters etc and get quarts attached/am very thorough when it comes to their health etc which often means many visits to the vet in their old age.

For example I took my hamster last week for breathing problems and was charged £46 for the consultation/meds. The hamster deteriorated I wasn’t sure how near the end he was so I took him back (half expecting g the to put him to sleep) but after a discussion he has had a x-ray and been prescribed 2 more meds and I’ve been charged £57.

I really can’t afford and I always feelpeople are laughing in the waiting room when they are sat with their more substantial pets or cats and dogs

I can even imagine the vets laughing when they go home and thinking that I’m odd. As I’m not young anymore
It’s just how I am though

What do you think the reality is.. do you think I’m seen as strange..


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Not at all. They are your family members, responsibility and dependent on you. It would be more odd if you weren't bothered.
I prefer living with cats and dogs to humans. My niece has a Hamster that she loves. Many people have animals that they love and care for.

You are not odd.
I don't think you are odd at all. I don't know whether your little rodents can be insured like other animals but if they could then it would help you with the bills.
I don't think that the vets would be laughing at you either.
Many years ago, I kept pet rats.
I actually cried when I had to have them put down.
Pets are pets no matter what their Substance,
Raider; I don't think you are particularly strange. The only strange thing is that you might be worried about being considered strange by others. If you love your pet then feel free to help it as much as you like. Don't worry about what others might think. You shouldn't be too concerned about what others might think of you; you're quite entitled to your priorities.
No, you're not odd. Some people prefer bigger animals, some smaller. Not that long ago, inthe papers, was someone who paid a lot of money getting his goldfish sorted out. Don't worry about other people, they're your pets and you love them.
If I take one of my cats to the vet, I fully expect to see people with gecko, lizards, snakes, etc in the waiting room. So a few rodents, etc aren't going to look at all odd to me!
I had a pet Herring that I called Kipper.....cremation by bbq and a very tasty breakfast in his - or her? - honour that we had one Saturday morning,
Maybe the world needs more people like you...keep doing what makes you happy.
Sorry, Pasta and Raider, but Pasta's post was a tinsy bit twee. I think Putin is doing what makes him happy.
Apart from that quibble, I agree with the gist of the posts above.
Nothing odd about wanting smaller furry animals as pets. Vets would not be laughing at you and your rodents. They must see all sorts of pets every day. The only thing that could happen in the waiting room is for someone to have a fear of mice/rats which many people do. Otherwise, don't worry.
You are not odd. As our children grew up we had a succession of rodents as pets, from mice to hamsters, degus to guinea pigs. My son, in his 30s, now keeps rats which he adores and they help to keep his depression stable as he has to care for them. Sadly smaller animals do not live long lives and often suffer with breathing problems. If you have any animal, large or small, they need to be loved and cared for which includes visits to the vet if they are unwell. Sadly vets are expensive, maybe having an xray on an elderly hamster was a little excessive but who can say? I'm sure the vet would rather you look after your animals well. Don't worry, you are not alone but people who do not have an affinity with animals do not understand.
// I prefer living with cats and dogs to humans.//

ze more I see of men, the better I like dogs....
is meant to Mme mainenon ( Louis XIV's love interest)
You are not strange, it is lovely you keep pet rodents. You are a responsible owner who enjoy your rodents so ignore any ignorant laughing and carry on with your pets.
Your action merely shows where you are on the Compassionate spectrum - people differ and you should neither speculate or worry about other opinions in this respect IMHO.
It's horses for courses (you would need a big cage to keep horses in your living room!).

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Will People View Me As Strange For This?

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