My Sister Is Accusing My Husband Of Attempted Molestation, What Do You Think?

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Griselda123 | 05:25 Sat 05th Mar 2022 | Family & Relationships
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I need help. I don’t know who is telling the truth.
I am a married woman; married to a man for 7 years. I got married very young, he is 3 and a half years older than me.
About two years ago my younger sister who was 16 at the time had a boyfriend who was 20 and when she came out to my mom to tell her she was PREGNANT, (for the second time, already has a 1 year old) my mom said she was calling the police to press charges on her 20 year old boyfriend for getting her pregnant at 16. My sister freaked out and told my mom “no! If anyone needs to go to jail it’s Griseldas(myself) husband! He tried to touch me when I was 14” my mom was shocked and immediately texted me, my husband and my husbands mom asking what he did to my sister. I was in complete disbelief, I couldn’t ever picture my husband doing anything like this, he had never given me any hint, or reason to believe he was capable of something so disgusting.
I immediately called my husband and very calmly asked him WHAT my mom was talking about, he said “I never tried to touch her, idk what she’s talking about”. Regardless Of his response denying it all. I STILL took my sisters side initially, I left work went home and picked up my two kids and we met my sister and mom at the local police station, where they interviewed me and took my statement and same with my sister. They would proceed with an investigation, which led to the decision that there was lack of anything to really make a case about enough to take it to trial. I asked my sister in person what exactly happened with my husband and she said that there were about three separate things that happened, one she was sleeping on our couch and he came crawling in quietly and was watching her sleep (he told me he was looking under the couch where she was sleeping for our newborn daughters dirty bottles because he had to wash them since they were all dirty) another occasion she said he had went into a room where she was sleeping in a bed and he had tried to take the covers off her to expose her body and he got really close in between her legs and she was awoken and startled, (he has no recollection of that happening) the last incident she says he was home alone with her and our two young children (I was at work) and she was sitting on a couch directly across from him and he was on the other couch across from her and he sort of opened his legs and his penis was exposed through the corner of his shorts (he says he never intentionally exposed himself, he NEVER wears underwear which I know to be true,) my sister says when that happened, he did not have an erection or anything, she just saw his penis and balls and then she got up and left the room. The two years went by and she NEVER TOLD ME ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. Until recently when my mom was going to put her bf in jail, this all got brought to light. I am all for believing women in these sorts of events, but after talking to my husband so many times and hearing his response and him seeming so genuine and honest about that not happening, I cannot help but to think if this was possibly a misunderstanding. I’m not saying she’s lying about anything happening, but possibly she misinterpreted his intentions when he went into the room and he was actually just looking for something and did mean anything bad. The police didn’t seem at all interested, so it makes me think there’s a possibility my husband is telling the truth. I just am going crazy. My heart is broken. My little sister is telling me one thing and my husband another and I don’t know what is true. If I stay with my husband I will crush my sister and if I believe my sister and leave my husband over something I don’t know entirely to be true I will never forgive myself. I don’t know what to do.
When it all came to light, I was so upset, I moved out, we sold our beautiful home and was talking to a lawyer about to start the divorce process, but couldn’t do it. I have struggled with crippling anxiety and depression due to all of


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Are you in the US?
Deep in your heart you will know who is most likely to be lying and only you can decide what action to take.
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Moving out, selling house, divorce proceedings - seems like you've already made up your mind. If your marriage ain't that great just move on.
(I have no idea if the sister's accusations are true or not - she seems to recall things that happened while she was asleep which is a bit strange.)
Imho it sounds like your sister has an over active imagination.
Just one question which might seem irrelevant, does or did your sister fancy her BIL? or quite the opposite?
I think you should submit your story outlines to a TV company or literary agent, rather than posting them in QA forums.
I think they've already been done to death by the porn industry.
Is there such a thing as attempted molestation?
If this is true sister pregnant at 16 and already has 1 year old, so pregnant at 14+ didn't want boy convicted of statutory rape so used husband as scapegoat. Surely the police would have investigated! Either a wind up or someone's dreaming
I think Griselda is in the US where different states have different ages of consent, so there may not have been statutory rape if the sister consented to sex. In some US states the age of consent is as low as 11 as long as the elder party is not more than 24 months older.
This person, if genuine, is posting on the wrong site.
I am not sure you need our help - - ( divorce etc)

Most cheaters are really good at covering up and hiding their wayward activities. It takes a smart person to be able to figure through the signs they show and some cheaters don't even show signs.

I really don't know about everyone else but I initially thought my ex was pretending about cheating as I didn't have a single hint or clue about his wayward act. He's a very smart and good looking person, you would never think he could do something of such. So, fast forward to last year, my best friend told me she was sure my ex probably has someone on the side he's seeing because she feels he acts standoffish sometimes , I initially thought she was saying nonsense and told her it's not possible. Until she introduced me to this private investigator ( [email protected] .com ) and she told me to go through this website to do a background check on his social media activities and with this website I was able to uncover lots of things he's done with several text records, calls and emails of his cheating. I was devastated, I couldn't believe it even when the evidence was right in my presence. I had to pull myself together and get over his ***. Bottom line, I'm done with his cheating.

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My Sister Is Accusing My Husband Of Attempted Molestation, What Do You Think?

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